Fembot Manips — October 2021

This month’s batch of manips is brought to you by the spirit of wonder and adventure that captures our imaginations, as we look up at the stars and dream about travel into the vast depths of space… with hot and sexy android sex companions!

While not strictly all about space adventure fembots, about a quarter of these manips feature that kind of theme.  So to quote a famous space-faring captain, “Make It Sew!”

But first, something silly.  Do you ever wonder if Colonel Steve Austin had considered joining up with the side with all those hot fembots?

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Fembots


I’ve also made another couple of songs.  This first one is a remix of the famous Pet Shop Boys hit from 1987, Heart.  With a female robot voice singing it, it’s now a love song about an android that’s fallen in love with a human – or at least it thinks it has.

Pet Shop Boys – Heart (Robotman Remix)


My friend Kishin was kind enough to create this great video for my remix version too!

Pet Shop Boys – Heart (Robotman Remix Video by Kishin)


This one is a song made famous by Bananarama.  This is a female robot duet of the song Venus, with altered lyrics.

Robotman – Venus


And now, the manips!