Onyx Crystal Core

Have you ever had something suddenly pop into your mind for no apparent reason?

A few weeks ago I was in my Robotman house, being Robotman, doing Robotman things, when all of a sudden I thought of RPG Maker.  I remember nearly 20 years ago I learned about RPG Maker, and even downloaded it to see if I could finagle it into making some kind of game about androids for me.

Nothing came of it back then, but this time I decided to put a little more effort into it, and I watched several hours worth of tutorial videos on what the latest version could do.

So I took the plunge and bought RPG Maker MZ, and started to make a game.  And I finished a game about androids.  It’s a 16-bit-style JRPG inspired game, with mouse and keyboard support, as well as full gamepad and controller support.

This is called Onyx Crystal Core, and it’s about a man named Commander Kiral who is sent to investigate a planet populated by female androids.  More importantly, he wants to know why they are at war with each other.

His parents who named him Commander must be so proud.

This game will take you an hour or two to play, depending on how fast you figure out what Kiral needs to do.  There are three endings, two of which are bad.  So to get the only good ending, you will need to pay attention and look around a bit.

There is also a “bonus” you can get which turns the good ending into a super-duper gooder ending, but I’ve said too much already.

The Windows version will run on Windows 7 and higher, but may need a graphics card to run smoothly.  Run it from a user folder like Documents, because it may not run properly from a system folder like Program Files.

Download it for free here, and feel free to share it around.

Onyx Crystal Core


As of February 25, 2022, the game files have been updated to fix some flaws, errors, and typos in the game.  Please re-download from the above link to get the updated versions.

Here is also some artwork to use if you want to launch this game with Steam: