Fembot Manips II — November 2022

I’ve been thinking about female androids lately.  Yes, I know you are surprised.  But don’t be.  I think we are in a time of bounty – of booty even – when it comes to advancements in artificial intelligence.

I mentioned Character AI in a post ten days ago, and I’m pleased to report that they have since added text to speech output for the bots’ responses.  Nancy the Fembot sounds almost exactly like she sounded in the original Fembots in Las Vegas episodes, it’s quite uncanny.

I’ve also found another AI image generating site called pornpen.ai.  Where that Stable Diffusion site I found will refuse to make hot and sexy images, this one is geared toward that kind of thing.  And be sure to start off with the base “cyborg” tag to begin with.

Here is a video clip with some images I generated using pornpen.ai.  The music is a song called Robots by Voleurs Antiques.

Voleurs Antiques – Robots (Artificial Intelligence Video Remix by Robotman)


And now here are the manips that I made.  Since I’m Robotman, do these count as AI generated art?