A Spy Affair – Chapter 1

I have a new comic to share with everyone!  Thanks to the awesome creative work of the artist Alvarex and the colourist Mangueira, Chapter 1 of my audio play “A Spy Affair” has been brought to life as a full colour 17-page comic.

The audio play was one of my favourite collaborations that I ever had the pleasure of working on with the lovely and talented Kim Coquette on NiteFlirt.  You can find the “A Spy Affair” audio play here, as well as our other collaborations together.

You can also read the six parts of the “A Spy Affair” script here, to get the full story of Crystal Dare and her adventures with beautiful female androids:

I originally intended to commission all six chapters of “A Spy Affair” to be drawn and coloured in comic form, but unfortunately due to inflation, that is now impossible.  But I do have Chapter 1 to share with everyone, so here it is! Thanks again to Alvarex and Mangueira.