Robotman’s Sexy Robot Manip Calendar 2024

Huzzah!  A new year will be upon us soon, and I’ve got just the thing to ring-a-ding-ding in the new year.  Yes that’s right, it’s another cheap-o crudely made wall calendar that you print out yourself to hang on your wall!

This one takes 12 of my favourite manips that I made last year and crams them at the bottom of each page for ocular appreciation.  You’ll be beguiled my Miss January!  Swept off your feet for Miss April!  You’ll swoon for Miss June!

So here it is, free to download:

Robotman’s Sexy Robot Manip Calendar 2023

Hole punch and thumbtack not provided.

Also, if you recall last year’s calendar, I made an “alternate” version using Microsoft Picture-It 2.0.  I had planned on doing that annually, but installing Picture It on my Windows XP machine made it take almost 10 minutes to boot.  Uninstalling it broke that PC’s ability to interface with my flatbed scanner.  Let that be a warning to everyone to use a virtual machine for those old Microsoft applications from the 90s and 00s.

Anyway, I’ll also point out that it seems like my manip output is slowing.  This is not actually the case, because I am making more manips each day now.  They’re going to be included in a new JRPG style video game I’m making, so watch for that in the near future.

EDIT: Better late than never, they say.  I’ve made an alternate version of my yearly calendar, using GIMP instead of some old janky Windows 98 era software.  This one used another 12 of my favourite manips from 2023, and gives you lots to ogle while you schedule.

Robotman’s Sexy Robot Manip Calendar 2023 (alternate)