Song of the Day – “Screwed It Up” by Limblifter

Are you a Canadian?  Are you a member of “Generation X”?  Remember all that “Generation X” ballyhoo?  Piffle.

But myself being a man of 22 in the year 1996, I became quite fond of a certain number of songs which were popular at the time.  The Old MuchMusic television station was the source of a lot of my music back then, as was the radio.  And for a while, I had my cable TV signal split and directed into my radio, which provided me with many hours of listening enjoyment.

There was a radio station I got from Spokane, WA called KAEP or 105.7 The Peak.  They played all kinds of excellent “Alternative Rock” that a young man of 22 such as myself would enjoy.

And they even played (gasp!) Canadian bands!  I had heard Limblifter’s song “Tinfoil” on The Old MuchMusic, and I had digged it.  So when I heard their song “Screwed it Up” on the radio, I digged it to a higher degree.  High.  Heh…

I was stoned a lot back then.  And come to think of it, and please feel free to insert a joke about the effects of marijuana on memory here, I’m remembering this slightly wrong.

I heard this song first on a Calgary radio station.  Kick 107.  Before the radio dial turned to fucking shit.  But I also heard it on The Peak.  Along with The Tragically Hip.  And I think that was about it for Canadian Bands, though they might have played The Odds once or twice.

Anyway, this song is a neat little slice of 90s Generation X angst.  It measures approximately 45.2 Ångströms.  And while I was fetching that thar YouTube link, I notice that YouTube has found it necessary to “suggest” I listen to some other songs…. for example….

Bad Romance by Lady Gaga.  Okay, I like the way she looks and I like her robot space alien schtick, but I’ve tried thrice to listen to her music, and I just can’t do it.  Her video has 259,222,142 views.  “Screwed it Up” has 2,683.  That’s 96616.527021990309355199403652628 times as many views.  Clearly, the youth of today don’t want to revel in the glory of the Generation X 90s and all the Ångst that came with it.

Or clearly, I’m just babbling.  But with my fingers.  Fingerbabbling.  Perhaps.  Mayhaps?  Happenstance.  Hamsterdance?  Fuck no.  Keep that shit to yourself.