But who will read the Watchmen?

So, I went yesterday from reading about the worst movie ever made to the best comic book ever made.

I am of course, talking about “Sexdroids in Space”.

Kidding.  That’s just my personal favourite.

No, I mean the Alan Moore written masterpiece “Watchmen”.  I had heard people say it was good, etc, and so on, yadda yadda yadda, ad infinitum.

But since I’m not interested in fiction, I never bothered to care much about it.  All I really knew is that:

  • Alan Moore is an uncompromising genius
  • Watchmen contains some superhero dude who is blue and mostly naked
  • There’s lots of violence.

But I took a little trip down to Wikipedia and read up on just why it is considered to be the best there is.

Okay, I’ll admit the story and presentation of the work are unparallelled.  I’m actually curious enough about the whole thing to want to read the comic book.  And that’s even considering the fact that I consider the whole “dark, real life superhero” gimmick to be overplayed and thoroughly retardized at this late stage.

I’m only a fan of superheroes and comics inasmuch as there are sometimes fembots at hand.

So, I might just buy a copy of Watchmen.  Or I might not.  I might forget all about it tomorrow.  There are lots of fictional works I rightly should check out before I look into a coloured book with people wearing tights in it.

(Alan Moore fans, please use the comment section for all hate mail and death threats.)