Song of the Day – “Moribund the Burgermeister” by Peter Gabriel

Let’s get a couple of things out of the way as you are grooving to this strange and wonderful song.

  1. Moribund = Stagnant and without vitality or growth
  2. Burgermeister = Town councilor, ie. Mayor

This song is not, in fact about this guy:

Nor this guy:

But that looks like one hell of a burger.

To be honest, I have no idea what the lyrical content of this song is about.  Let’s pretend it’s about this:

I’m glad we had this talk.  Goodnight!

No wait, I’m not done yet.

I’m pretty damn crappy and lame at parsing poetic meaning from meandering poetic prose.  And I fancy myself to be somewhat of a writer.  HA!  Seriously, I can’t interpret poems unless someone does it for me… and then I can see what all this is about but…

I will find out…

doo doo… do do do doo doo doo do do do… doo doo…

I will find out…

doo doo… do do do doo doo doo do do do… doo doo…

I will find out…

Have you gotten to that part of the song yet?  It must have been quite nice for a Genesis fan of old to hear this first track from Pete Gabe’s first solo album.  “He’s back making wondrously odd and fascinating music!” he’d say.  And he continued doing that… just not like Genesis.

And some of P.G.’s stuff is a little too poppy for me… like most of what he did after 1985… but this early 70s stuff is great.

Except for “Excuse Me” off his first album.  Seriously, that’s what cutting-room floors are for.

And again, I don’t have anything profound or even interesting to say about this song.  i just wanted to share it.