Song of the Day – “Molded Plastic” by The Epoxies

Meet Roxy Epoxy.  She is an android.

At least that was her stage persona back in 2002 when The Epoxies self-titled album came out.  And this song, which popped up on my iPod today, is about her being a female android!  Yay!

Read the lyrics.  I’m not making that up.

This band has, sadly, broken up.  They were quite good, but time marches on.  I’ve got their two full-length albums, and they’re filled with a kind of Devo/punk vibe.  And fun melodies packed neatly into catchy pop songs.  I would like to hear this band do some 20 minute progressive epic about female androids, but I don’t think anything like that is on the horizon.

So, when someone’s talking on a cell phone, does it mean they can drive their SUV behind a speeding ambulance through a red light?  I don’t think the driver even noticed the fucking ambulance.  She certainly didn’t notice the red light, the stunned cow.  The intersection close to where I live is really dangerous.  If you want to see stupidity in action, go stand on the corner of a busy intersection.

Don’t stand there too long though.  You might get arrested for soliciting.  Are you wondering why I’m not talking about today’s “Song of the Day”?  Well, what more can be said about it?  It’s extremely fucking cool to me to be able to hear a pretty girl sing about how she’s an android.  It’s a catchy tune too.

And not to bring this incoherent mess of a post screeching in a different direction… actually… yeah…. exactly for the purpose of bringing this incoherent mess of a post screeching in a different direction, I give you another YouTube link!