So I found that song…


Those god damned 80s!  The only good thing I can say about this video is that it has brief scenes of ladies dancing robot style.  I can say lots of bad things about it.

Let’s talk about what Ms. Slick is saying, shall we?  As I was telling my friend Keizo earlier tonight, this is what she sounds like to me:

Robotman: and grace slick is saying shit like “Didn’t I tell you to put a sweater on before you went outside?  And now you’ve caught a cold!  Don’t come to me for chicken soup!”
Robotman: not literally, but she sounds like she’s complaining and being all I-Told-You-So like

Fuck, the 80s were such a disaster for Rock Music (pronounce that RAWK, remember that kids.  Halfway between ROCK and RACK.)  The only good thing that happened in the 80s for music was rap and hip-hop.  That’s what you get when an art form goes stagnant I guess.

Look at this now.  Compare the level of vitality in what this kid does to that tired fucking burnout that was 80s Grace Slick.

Here’s another pencil-desk virtuoso.

HOLY FUCK!!!  No, I’m not joking now.  This is all you need to make music.  You don’t need the rock industry infrastructure.  We don’t need that fucking “industry” one bit.  All you need is creativity, a desk and pencils.

Axl Rose (that narcissistic fucking ginger dipstick) took what… 15 fucking years to release the next “Guns N’ Roses” album?  It still sucked.  I know it’s been said before, but Rock Music is dead.  Everything I love about it happened from about 1969 to 1976.

This post tonight is bereft of jokes.  So here’s something funny to watch.