Song of the Day – “E VerrÁ  L’Uomo” by Corte Dei Miracoli

Some things I have just found out from Babelfish:

  • This band’s name translates as “Court of the Miracles”
  • The song title translates as “And L’ Will come; Man”

Things I knew before:

  • This is an awesome, majestic, dynamic, emotive song
  • The band is from Italy
  • The lyrics are in Italian, and I have no idea what the song is about

Things I wish I knew:

  • The meaning of the lyrics
  • Whether or not the rest of the album is any good

I found this track on the Prog Archives site a few years ago.  The track is still there as a streaming download… check out this page to hear it.

Progressive Rock was big in Italy in the early 70s – maybe even as big as it was in England.  Explain this then:  The English can’t cook.  The Italian’s have among the best cuisine in the world.  What gives?

Now I’m hungry.

Anyway, the band looks like this:

Par for the course for the 70s.

I’m so glad I went and spent a bunch of time listening to music on Prog Archives.  The last time I was unemployed was quite literally the best year of my life.  I spent my savings however… so here I am employed again.  I blame my parents for not being filthy fucking rich when they had me.

Of all the Italian Prog I listened to, this song sticks in my head the most.  There it is right now, in fact, sticking out of my head with the sharp end jabbed into my skull.  OUCH!!!

And that makes me sad.  :(

Listen to the melodies on this, it’s a fucking masterstroke.  While I’m on a silly Google-Image kick, here’s the top search result for “fucking masterstroke”:

Is the song done playing yet?  You’d probably do well to listen to that wonderful song instead of reading this idiotic tripe and looking at the random images I’ve swiped from the internet to pad out the length of my blog, thus making it look like I have more to say than I actually do.

Want another poem then?  Sorry, too tired to rhyme, and I’m now out of time.

Plus looking at that appetizing plate of spaghetti REALLY made me hungry.  When I visited Germany, I was constantly lamenting the lack of good food.  And fuck you if you try to tell me that sauerkraut and dumplings even fucking QUALIFY as food.  I think that’s why Germany invented those two world wars.  They wanted to invade to get better food.

Didn’t work.  We all know how THAT ended.

Okay, enough typing.  I wanted to have phone sex one more time, but god damn that is EXPENSIVE.  Fun, and it boosts my mood and outlook on life for days, but I need to pay bills and such.

I shall now make some spaghetti!