Song of the Day – “The Future Now” by Peter Hammill

Oh, that Peter Hammill!

Always running about with a crazed look in his eyes and his half-beard.  You see, he was born with a full mustache and beard on the right side of his face.  And pointing his thumbs ever outward.

No, that’s not true.  This is a good song, however.  It’s about how The Present sucks and how The Future is supposed to be better, so let’s just have all that good stuff right now.

I agree.  Except I, as always, have a laser-like focus on the development of female androids.

This one’s quite nice, even if it doesn’t have real hair like the other Actroids do.  Well, synthetic real hair.  I like the hips on that one.  And the thighs.  And probably the ass too.  I’m sure with some modifications it could make a great accessory for my bed.

I was going to post and talk about a different Peter Hammill song today.  I couldn’t find a YouTube link for “Pompeii”, so here we are with an equally fine track.  This was his first solo album released after Van Der Graaf Generator had officially broken up… for the second time.  I’m more of a fan of the VDGG stuff, but that’s just me being picky for the old-school early 70s sound.  Go out and buy “Pawn Hearts”.

So, in the future, when I’ve got one or more fembots, I would like them to have removable facemasks, like this:

I know that real-life androids are not being developed that way.  The face for those is something that can’t easily be removed.  If a fembot was built my way, it wouldn’t be able to make facial expressions or move its mouth realistically.

And that’s just fine, because that would make it appear that much more artificial.

So lets have this future now!  Forget about charlatans who try to pass off electronified sex dolls as robots!  We want the real deal!  When a sexy robot chick can walk over to me, introduce herself to me and tell me what she is, and then have a conversation about how synthetic she is, then I’ll call that an android.

Oh, and check out my favorite page on FembotWiki.