Song of the Day – “Come Back Brighter” by Reef

This YouTube link sounds pretty good.  And I feel pretty good.  I’ve got some Chef Boyardee cookin’ in the microwave, and I can eat it again without getting headaches!

I also feel pretty good because I have another headache and the codeine is kicking in.  Codeine is a narcotic, as some of you may know.  It’s actually an opiate, as some of you may know.  And since I live in the (relatively) enlightened country of Canada, I can buy codeine over the counter without a prescription.

I also took some Robaxacet because I hurt my back at work.  I was talking to a friend of mine in Houston (Hi Keizo!) and he had never heard of Robaxacet.  So much the better.  We will keep our drugs here in Canada, and we will laugh (while high on our drugs) at the Americans as they stumble around in pain.


No, we don’t find that funny.  I would make a joke about “just deserts” and “the Olympics” and “hockey”, but I don’t care about sports, Olympiads, hockey, medals or any of that nonsense.

Great song, huh?  This is a fantastic album, 1997’s “Glow”, that is.  Get it.  It’s pure rock and roll done energetically by some talented blokes.  Only British folk can be called blokes.  It’s a law or something.

brb, Chef Boyardee…

Those are Boyars.  They make fucking good pasta.  The one who made my meal must be the fourth one, Chef Boyar “D”.

Let me think if I have any more to day about the song.  Hm… this is awkward.  I really don’t have a lot to say about it, other than it’s a good song and I like it.  And I should give the whole album a spin again.

When I used to play music at work at my two previous jobs, this album was always a hit.  No one had ever heard of Reef before, mind you one guy had heard the song “Put Your Hands On”.

This food smells good.  Canned, processed, stuffed with preservatives and chemicals that I probably should not be ingesting…. but damn, it’s tasty to me.  The same with Wendy’s.  I live near a Wendy’s, and every so often (about once a month) I go and get some Wendy’s burgers.  They don’t call them burgers, but I will.

I get that Big Bacon Classic, which is called something different now… meh… and I get some manner of spicy chicken things too.  Sometimes I get up to 4 burgers.  Nothing else.  Just burgers.  The lady from Trinidad who’s been working there for years knows me, and knows it’s “No combo… just burger”.

Nice to be known.  I think I had a point when I brought up the issue of Wendy’s.  I should say that I refuse to eat McDonalds “food” and that I haven’t done so since around 1995.  The last time I ate anything purchased from a McDonalds, I was out of town in Brooks.  Small town.  I was working… hungover… and the Egg McMuffin I got was so greasy I puked.  It was fucking gross.

Do I have any more to say about the song?  Of course not!  Why pretend… these “Song of the Day” posts are just an excuse for me to post a YouTube link and talk about some inane bullshit for a while.

Mission Accomplished!  Again.