Song of the Day – “Got to Get You Into My Life” by The Beatles

Wow.  I’m really surprised that this song is on YouTube.  You would think that the avaricious and corpulent scumbag lawyers would shake their greasy and cash-stuffed fists at anyone who dared upload a cultural gem like this song to a publicly viewed website.

Fuck I hate lawyers.  Copyright lawyers are bad people.

Anyway… happy thoughts… happy thoughts….

This song is about pot.  Marijuana.  Dope.  Weed.  Skank.

Yes, yes it is.  The Beatles were well known users of pot back in 1966… and I do believe it’s still popular with the surviving Beatles.  This was Paul’s reaction to finding how good pot made him feel and finding how the insight and creativity it brings helped him to write his incredible music.

But enough about him.  Let’s talk about me!

I made a sweeeeet ringtone for my new Android phone.  You see, before, you had shitty phone operating systems like Symbian.  You couldn’t do shit with Symbian because it’s closed source.  If I wanted a ringtone for that phone, I bloody well had to pay for it.  And I had a limited selection.

With my new phone, I can have any damn audio clip I feel like serve as my ringtone.  It’s as easy as connecting a USB cable between my PC and my phone, uploading the mp3 clip and then selecting it as a ringtone on my phone.

So here’s my ringtone.  Eight seconds of “The Robots” by Kraftwerk looped 4 times.  It rules.  I hope to hear it soon, because tonight I may just head down to the robot lab to have some man-on-fembot phone sex with one of the lovely and talented ladies from NiteFlirt.