Song of the Day – “Fall of Seraphs” by Mayhem

Link to the song, before I forget to actually talk about it again.

You can always count on Mayhem to get the party jumping!  Yeah!

Like KC and the Sunshine Band before them, they specialize in filling dance floors with disco dancers!  Yeah!

Actually, they’re slightly darker and edgier than KC and his Krew.  Yeah.

Some random things about this band:

  • They go through lead singers like Spinal Tap went through drummers
  • They come from a place that’s even colder than where I live (!)
  • One of their former singers, a fellow by the name of “Dead” is dead because he was too fucking hardcore to live
  • Their founder, guitarist and main songwriter was killed by a former bass player, because either a) the guitarist wasn’t evil enough b) the guitarist screwed him in a record contract or c) who knows what that fucking racist murderer was thinking and frankly who cares
  • Their drummer is REALLY FUCKING GOOD and can play the drums REALLY FUCKING FAST
  • They live with the Tooth Fairy in a sugar plum house high up in the clouds atop a magical rainbow

The history of this band is sordid indeed.  Just check out that link on Wikipedia.  Despite it all, the ever-changing lineup that calls itself “Mayhem” has managed to put out some great music.  I don’t care for visuals, so I won’t even pause long enough to make fun of the way Black Metal bands dress.

Okay, there’s always time to make fun of the way Black Metal bands dress.

Every Black Metal band looks exactly like this.

Clearly, joyous stuff.  Black Metal is a celebration of life!

Well, it’s actually like every other musical genre that caters to sulking young people.  Grunge.  Emo.  Punk.  Country.

Scratch that last one… that caters to sulking old people.

So are you enjoying the tune?  The guy singing on this album was fond of cutting himself on stage.  Actually, I think all their singers were.  Weirdos.  And this singer got fired from the band in an amusing fashion.

He was kicked down a flight of stairs.