Song of the Day – “Spaceman” by Biff Naked

Okay, this song isn’t one of my favorites.  I do kind of like it… from a distance.  I think I like the theme more than the music… if I twist that theme around a tad in my own way.  More on that later.

Heh heh… Moron.

This is today’s “Song of the Day” because I’m making fun of someone.

I work with a guy who seems to be a visitor from outer space.  And as I say, if you can’t make fun of the people you work with, make fun of someone else.  Anyway, I’m sure he WISHES he could be this cool:

But he’s not.  He’s more like this:

I decided that today’s television landscape needs to be livened up by the presence of a new sitcom.  So here now is my pitch for the new hit sitcom “Newfie and the Alien”:

NEWFIE: “Oh no!  Alien, you burned our house down!”

ALIEN: “I didn’t mean to!”

NEWFIE: “Now where are we gonna live?!”

ALIEN: “We can live on my spaceship!”

Yes, the cash will just roll in once the pilot is aired.  And speaking of pilots in the air, Spaceman had a bad day today, so we figured that there will be a few UFO sightings when he takes off and goes back to Rigel Epsilon B, or wherever he’s from.

Spaceman, we hardly knew ye.

And now more about how I would twist the theme of this particular song.  Instead of wishing for some spaceman to take me away, I’d wish for some female androids to take me instead.  And not too far.  Maybe to a nice house just out of town.  You know, like my comic.