Song of the Day – “Sweet Revenge” by Motörhead

“Hello Bitches!”

Every song should start with those words!  FUCK YEAH!!!

And what a MEAN song today’s Song of the Day is.  Who among us has honestly never thought of inflicting revenge upon someone?  Okay, maybe just the androids.  I hope there are androids out there… female androids who want to find me so they can have a good fun sexy time with me.

And while we’re on the subject of facial hair… check out Lemmy:

To quote Beavis & Butt-Head: “That’s Lemmy.  He can walk into any damn video he wants.”

You can say anything you want about Lemmy.  He’ll just laugh at you.

While stabbing your kneecaps through with a screwdriver.  Now a lot of “rock artists” are known for bluster and for mustard and for filibuster (no, not the last two), but just by looking at Lemmy, you fucking KNOW he’s as much action as he is talk.

And he’s still rocking to this day.  I have every Motörhead album.  They all pretty much sound the same.  They had a little bit of a progression… which is that they hit fucking massive gold (quality, not sales) on their second album, then cloned it for every subsequent album.  AC/DC has followed the same formula to great effect too, and those two are just about the only bands I can forgive for doing that… because they do what they do better than anyone else.


Angus does his shtick so well, McDonald’s named a fucking burger after him.  I’m sure Lemmy has something named after him too.  Who knows.

So by this point in the song, Lemmy is screaming “REVENGE!!!” in a truly evil, earsplitting way.  That’s Rock N’ Roll, man.  That and Angus burgers.