Song of the Day – “Tunnel of Love” by Dire Straits

So I just read my new comic… for the first time actually just reading it for fun, and not proofreading and looking for things to fix and things I need to change… and HOLY CRAP do I ever like it!  Wow, it’s like someone drew exactly what I wanted to see!

So goes the statement of the obvious.

I’m trying to think of the song I heard on the bus coming home today… the one I thought would make a great Song of the Day.  I can’t remember what fucking song that was.  So let’s start up Rhythmbox and play random songs till I find one I want to talk about.


No, not A-ha.

Here’s a song I fucking LOVE.  I’ve never heard it and decided not to listen to it.  It’s that good.  I’d sing along if it didn’t hurt.  Fucking flu.

Anyway, the title of this blog post kind of gives the song title away, so I’ll delve right into talking about it.

When I was a young lad, in my late teens, I would occasionally watch the old Television on the old Much Music channel and watch the old Music Videos to listen to the old Rock N’ Roll music.  I don’t know if MuchMusic still plays Videos… I hear that MTV in the States doesn’t… whatever… but back then they’d play a 30-minute block of some artist’s videos (around 4:30 in the PM) and call it the “Spotlight”.

One of these spotlights was on the old Dire Straits band.  Of course, I’d heard Money for Nothing (which I ALWAYS skip because I’ve heard it too often) but I’d never heard anything else by this band.

This was back in the days of the old VHS tapes, and I would tape the old Spotlight just in case I heard some good tunage that I wanted to listen to again.

Anyway, Dire Straits didn’t appeal a whole lot to my adolescent mind, except for a few songs…. “Sultans of Swing” and this song…. “Tunnel of Love”.

Now, I don’t know HOW the fuck “Tunnel of Love” kept my attention for EIGHT fucking minutes back then.  The only answers I have are:

  • It’s a fucking awesome song
  • The video features a cute blonde chick in tight silver pants

Okay, it’s the second one first, then the first one second.

Years later, I had gotten me a Dire Straits “Best Of” collection on CD, and “Tunnel of Love” was on it.  I have heard this song a lot now, and like I said before, it’s one of those rare joints (do people still call songs joints?) that never wears out its welcome.  And another thing about this song… the vocals fall exactly into my natural range, so I can sing it awesome.  But not when it hurts to talk.

And in this point in writing this dreary and tedious blog post, I’ve tracked down a video on YouTube for your viewing enjoyment.  Ah, the 80s.

I do believe that it was easy for me to imagine the chick in this video as a fembot.  We got blank stares, emotionless looks, tight silver pants, and… what’s that?  Is that a transparent vinyl jacket?

Well, Brea’s got one too!  Only hers is tinted pink.

So, this shitty blog post has come full circle!  Just like it always did.  Like the Spanish city to me.  When we were kids.