SG-1000, Master System, and Game Gear emulation

Before Sega turned into the pathetic quarter-profits-chasing caricature of its former self that it is now, they were amassing quite a collection of games for their own video game systems.  This was back in the 80s and 90s, of course, decades ago.

For years I’ve been using a program called MEKA to emulate the SG-1000, Master System, and Game Gear.  I was quite fond of MEKA.  It has my favourite interface of all the emulators I’ve ever used, in fact.  I’ve never had a problem with the way it emulates what I throw at it, except that it doesn’t really do fullscreen.  It only ever fills about 90% of the screen.  But I spent hours playing my collection of games for those three systems, and for the ColecoVision too because MEKA can emulate that console too.

When I first started checking out the library of Game Gear games, I tried them out on the excellent Kega Fusion emulator.  Kega Fusion is what I use for Sega Genesis, Sega CD, and 32X games, and it handles those beautifully.  But I noticed that it didn’t handle Game Gear games so well.  I saw more than a few errors on many games – errors I didn’t see when I played those games in MEKA.

So I just stuck with MEKA.  Except I couldn’t get those games to run in full screen.  And that’s actually a problem with many Game Gear games.  A lot of those titles have so much action crammed into that small area that they really need to be expanded to fully enjoy them.

So that’s why I went looking for another emulator.  I found one recently called TwoMbit.  Not only does it expand Game Gear games to fullscreen, but the emulation is supposedly cycle-accurate.  And it can also emulate Master System and SG-1000 games too.  And (most importantly for me) it can run on my old emulation PCs, which are getting near to a decade old now.

Some of those Game Gear games were unique to that system, and I can finally enjoy them in all their full-screen glory.