Shemale Robots II – Electric Boogaloo

It’s time I continued where my first post left off, and uploaded another batch of my shemale robot manips.

I try to make at least one new regular female android manip per week for FembotWiki, and I’ve gotten into the habit lately of making a shemale android manip for my own enjoyment too.

So here are the latest ones I’ve made.  If you like the idea of a gorgeous woman turning out to have a penis, then seeing her take off her faceplate to reveal she’s electronic inside, you’re in luck!

I also made a bunch of shemale manips for a video I made called “Fembot Invasion“.  The video takes the story universe of the Fembot Episodes of The Bionic Woman and continues it.  Here are the manips.

And for something a little special, I “corrupted” a shemale porn comic I found floating around on the internet.  I think my version makes more sense than the original and is more interesting anyway.  I present a Robotman Remix: “Synthia – Shemale Android Teacher”

Stay tuned for more beautiful shemale robots!