Automated BBW Dating!

This is fucking hilarious.

I was doing a Google Image search for “Chubby Fembot” and I saw my very first manip in among the search results.  I was curious to see what kind of site would have this image on it, so I checked it out.  And oh my sweet lord, it’s a computer-generated spam “BBW Dating” site!

Here’s a screenshot:


So if you navigate to that site and infect your computer with whatever malware they offer, then in return the spambots will offer you the chance to date this lovely BBW robot with a missing faceplate!

How appropriate is it though, that a computer algorithm chose this picture as its choice of BBW to advertise for dating?  I’m not sure if this is irony or truth in advertising.

EDIT: Oh my god, it’s spreading to other computer generated spam-filled BBW dating sites!