Ten Years of Phone Sex on NiteFlirt!

Well will you look at that, it’s been ten years to the day since I had my first phone sex experience on NiteFlirt.  Hooray!

Remembering back, my first phone sex experience was with the lovely and talented Kaitlin, who was a natural at roleplaying as a robot over the phone.  I remember being so nervous when I made my first call that I had Notepad open on my desktop with notes on what to say so I wouldn’t forget and run out of ideas.

A decade later, and I can make the most vivid phone sex fantasies come to life for me and my flirt.  I’ve had the honour of playing with some beautiful and talented women over the years.  Some of them have inspired fiction, some have inspired poetry, and some of them have even appeared in my commissioned comics.

Through it all, I’ve always had a wonderfully fun time indulging my imagination with a willing partner while she plays the role of an android of my design.  Finding flirts both smart and geeky enough to really “get it” and keep up with me has been challenging, but I’ve been fortunate there as well.

Though I no longer can afford to call as often as I’d like, I still hope to make contact with some of the more creative and attentive ladies on NiteFlirt from time to time.  Fantasizing about female androids is one thing – finding a roleplay partner with a sexy voice to participate is quite another.