Songs of the Day (a two-fer!)

I remember when I started this blog, I wanted to review one song per day.  I ended up more or less providing a YouTube link (oh, so ephemeral they are) and then rambling on about how my job was making me exhausted.  That and cracking stupid jokes and making lame puns.

But I’ve had two very specific songs in my head recently as I’ve watch the slow-motion trainwreck of an election going on south of the Canadian border.  So to all of my American friends, here is a very special episode of “Song of the Day”.

The Flaming Lips – You Have to Be Joking (Autopsy of the Devil’s Brain)

Midnight Oil – Time to Heal

I’m not going to make any jokes, or even any commentary on these songs.  Just listen to them, if you can.  If the links still work, great.  If the videos have been taken down, try googling them.