Robotman’s Cheap Handheld Calendar 2017

Who doesn’t love gaming on the go?  I can think of a few people actually, including myself, but never mind us!

This year’s calendar is dedicated to handheld video game systems, starting with the phenomenon that was the Nintendo Game Boy and up to Sony’s latest handheld the Vita.  And if you’ve been looking for a calendar that commemorates the infamously terrible, you’re in luck!

The systems featured are:

01 1989 Game Boy
02 1989 Atari Lynx
03 1990 Sega Game Gear
04 1997
05 1998 Game Boy Color
06 1999 Neo Geo Pocket Color
07 2000 WonderSwan Color
08 2001 Game Boy Advance
09 2003 N-Gage
10 2004 Nintendo DS
11 2004 PSP
12 2011 PS Vita

Download the calendar here.