Song of the Day – “El Scorcho” by Weezer

God dam those half-Japanese girls indeed!

From Weezer’s 1996 album “Pinkerton” comes “El Scorcho“, which is about this chick Rivers Cuomo met at Harvard or something.  The lyrics reveal ol’ Rivers to be a depraved creep.  Well, at least he was in 1995.  Look at him on the cover of The Red Album and you might suspect he still is.

And again, this is a forced- artificial even – song of the day.  I haven’t been listening to music today per se, but I’ve been continuing the Mikeification.  I’m all done with my Midnight Oil, and now I’ve dug out my Weezer albums.  You see, I can’t just rip them and put them onto the iPod like that.  Heavens no.  I have to edit each song with Cool Edit so I can:

  • Adjust the volume levels.  I add volume for older records and use the “Clip Restoration” feature to reduce the volume on those new albums which are jacked up way too fucking loud.  I know there is software that will “normalize” the volume automatically, and even iTunes (purportedly) does this, but I like the results much better when I get in there and monkey around with the volume myself.  This is a tad long for a bulleted point, isn’t it?
  • Remove tape hiss and background noise with the “Noise Reduction” feature
  • EQ the bass, midrange, and/or treble levels if needed
  • Do other assorted audio “tricks” and effects to make a song sound better.

I’ll do a tutorial on how to use “Cool Edit” one of these days.  How helpful is that?  The software’s now obsolete… but I still gotta use it… to fix a record up!

Those of you paying attention (estimate = 0) will have noticed I just mangled the words from this very Song of the Day.  Good for you.  You win nothing.

I will now talk about half-Japanese women.

This is Brea Lynn.  She’s fucking hot.  I like to imagine her as a fembot.  For some reason, women with half-Caucasian and half-Oriental features make more believable fembots IHMO. (In High Mumble Opinion.)  The main female technician robots in my stories (and in my phone sex fantasies) are half-Japanese looking androids named “Maria”.  You can see her in my comic “The Robots of Love“.  You can also see her right here:

Yes, she’s beautiful on the outside and on the inside.

This album (talking about the album “Pinkerton” again, for all of you distracted by either lust or head-scratching-WTF) was recorded just after Rivers Cuomo had some mighty painful leg surgery.  He was on painkillers when he wrote and recorded this.  He then (up til last year) basically disowned this album… saying it was like a drunken night of confessing all your shameful thoughts to people, then regretting it the next day.

When the album came out, it got bad reviews and bad sales.  Then people kept buying the album, and later it got rave reviews.  Funny how that happens.  I’m one of the people who thinks this is one of Weezer’s best.  I put it right after the Blue Album… not just in chronological order, but on my CD shelf as well.

Also, that would be nice if I could make another video with Brea Lynn as a fembot.  And with a huge special effects budget.  I do believe I’ve already got enough “story lines” made up.