Song of the Day – “Like a Rolling Stone” by Jimi Hendrix

Jimi’s version.

Also, “Like a Rolling Stone” by The Rolling Stones

And why the hell not… “Like a Rolling Stone” by Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan wrote this song.  And I’m going to pull a total dick move here and piss plenty of people off by saying what I’m about to say.  Bob Dylan can’t fucking sing.  I’ve never really gotten “into” his music, and that’s because of the tuneless wandering nasal whine he sneezes all over his records.  The only time I’ve ever really listened to him is when he’s on a Traveling Wilburys album… and even then I think “Man, this dude can’t fucking sing”.

So let the hate-mail commence.

I will say that I would have a great deal of respect for his music and especially his lyrical skill if I had any of his stuff.  All I really know is this song, and man, those lyrics.

I suppose I could compare his lyrical skill (from what I’ve heard others say) to that of Peter Hammill.  I’ve gone on and on about Peter Hammill on this blog before, and if you don’t know who he is, then Google him.  Google is pretty easy to find and it works pretty good.

So anyway, Bob Dylan writes good lyrics.  And Jimi Hendrix certainly thought his music was A-OK too.  Jimi was a Dylan fanatic.  And his version of “Like a Rolling Stone” is my favorite of any I’ve heard.

Which brings me to the version done by The Rolling Stones.  As great as their name is, and as great a band they are for what they do, their version is bland.  Dancey-Schmancey popitized bland.

So listen to that Jimi Hendrix version to really enjoy the song.  Listen to the Bob Dylan version to appreciate where it came from, and listen to the Rolling Stones only if you like listening to legendary 60s bands trying to cling on to what made them great.

Again, let the hate-mail commence!