Fembot Manips II – August 2020

I was looking for an old document on an old hard drive, and I found what is possibly the best thing I have ever written:

(10:39:05)  robotman1974:  "H is for Hooray for me!!!"
(10:39:10)  Keizo 2:  LOL! 
(10:39:27)  robotman1974:  Byron got out of his Ferrari
 and parked it on home plate. 
(10:39:38)  robotman1974:  The umpire said "hey, you
 can't park here!" 
(10:39:53)  robotman1974:  so Byron hit him with the
 bat and the crowd goes insane! 
(10:40:11)  robotman1974:  then the Mummy comes in from
 3rd base and roars! 
(10:40:19)  Keizo 2:  lol 
(10:40:19)  robotman1974:  everyone was scared but I
(10:40:43)  robotman1974:  my fembots came and sayd
 "Byron, it's the Mummy! and I'm scared!" 
(10:40:56)  robotman1974:  and I said "don't worry
 babe, I'm a super Mummy killer!" 
(10:41:19)  robotman1974:  Then I tossed up a super
 baseball that was gonan explode, and I cracked it all
 the way in the Mummy's mouth! 
(10:41:33)  robotman1974:  he exploded and the crowd
 goes insain! 
(10:42:09)  robotman1974:  So I jumped in my Corvette
 and sped away, and sand got in the umpire's face and
 he said "i'm not done with you yet Byron!" 
(10:42:12)  robotman1974:  THE END :D

Ah, the days when the Yahoo! instant messenger network still existed.  That chat log is probably at least 10, and maybe 15 years old.  My ridiculous verbal extrusions over Yahoo! IM were the source of the legendary Feared Viking Warrior Pomplain Forst, but that’s another story.

Now, on with the crude but effective manips!