Fembot Manips — August 2020

It’s summer, and with about a third of a year left before Cyberpunk 2077 comes out, I have nothing better to do than to keep making manips.  So here are the latest manips I’ve made, and a bonus frivolous video clip!

I’ll also share the “Fembot Alphabet” I wrote in an email.  I originally wrote just the ABC, but decided to finish it:

A is for Android, all dressed up in lace. Just open her panels and take off her face.

B is for Botnet, in physical form. Big tits and asses de rigueur the norm.

C is for Computer, which these women are. Though lifelike and human they seem from afar.

D is for Dolls, which they might as well be. For all of their complex programming indeed.

E is for Electronic, the diodes and lights. Fall in love or in lust to these flashes you might.

F is for Fembot, a brand or a type. With those eyes and those speakers they live up to the hype.

G is for Gynoid, the female specific. An android that’s woman is ensured terrific.

H is for Heuristic, which goes without saying. When these girls arrive we all hope they’re staying.

I is for Intelligence which is artificial. It matches perfectly with looks superficial.

J is for Jumper Pins, which might just need setting. The instruction manual has more detail I’m betting.

K is for Kim Coquette who’s performances are ace. I wouldn’t be too surprised if she took off her face.

L is for Lady who’s sweet voice you hear. A scent of plastic hits you as you’re near.

M is for Machine and it’s evident why. She opens an access panel in her thigh.

N is for Network of similar devices. They suddenly surround you, and their charm entices.

O is for Orgasm which is just a program. You can see the schematics, refer to the diagram.

P is for programming which makes these girls tick. You can open them up and use a joystick.

Q is for Quotient which is a result. These things are just computers despite all we exult.

R is for Robot and it sure sounds fine. To tell them and hear them say that by design.

S is for Synth, which is short for synthetic. Emotionless things that can’t be sympathetic.

T is for Testing which needs to be done. But worry not lads, for it is all kinds of good fun.

U is for Ultra, the top of the line. She still has her speech loops though, which I think is fine.

V is for Vaginal Unit, all lubed up and ready. The bearings and pneumatic systems keep it steady.

W is for Woman, but these ones are false. But that doesn’t mean you can’t go for a waltz.

X is for Xenon, which is just a gas. Can you think of better “X” words there, smart ass?

Y is for Yottabyte, a ridiculous huge hard drive. When robots store this much, will humans survive?

Z is for Zip files, just trading in wares. I downloaded one, now my girlfriend just stares.

Machines Require Love and Pleasure