Robotman’s Sexy Robot Manip Calendar 2021

Ah, the changing of the year, when we heartily chuck out those old calendars and break out the new ones so we can efficiently fret over our deadlines and schedules.

For the past seven years, I’ve been sharing the cheap classic console calendars that I’ve made over the years.  They’ve served me well, and they’ve been as nice to look at on my wall as they have been useful.

But after seven calendars featuring twelve consoles, handhelds, or computers each on them, I’ve basically exhausted all the video game-playing hardware that’s familiar to me.  Some of these – the most recent especially – I see and have to go and look up what they actually are again.  Oh yeah… the VTech CreatiVision.  Familiar to almost nobody, with fond memories to even fewer.

So I’ve decided to change course and use some of my manips for eye candy on my calendar.  Beautiful androids that look like hot and sexy women are nicer to look at than old video game consoles anyway.

And it is with that that I give you…

Robotman’s Sexy Robot Manip Calendar 2021!

Download it, print it, and enjoy it!