Song of the Day – “Synthesizer” by Electric Six

Two things I’ll tell ya right off the bat, buddy.

  1. This is an awesome song
  2. Nobody from Electric Six appears in this video

Some comedian made the video.  And he did a damn fine job.  Come, let us laugh at him.  Ha!

I think it was this song that made me actually break down and purchase some Electric Six.  And I’m very glad that I did.  They’re my favorite band of the 00s.  I’m an old fogey, and for me to actually like a band that existed past the 90s is kind of rare.

The message of this song is positive too.  The part about technology.  I won’t get too deep into that, because Electric Six tend not to have meaningful lyrics.  Their lyrics are, for the most part, a big joke just like most of their music.  It’s the kind of joke that you either don’t get, get, or GET.  And friends, I GET the joke.

Fantastic band.  Anyway, I’ll have to go and Mikeify (edit) their latest album to get the volume down a notch because it’s way too loud and sounds clipped.

I was going to actually do up a little tutorial on how to Mikeify music.  But I didn’t.  Meh.  Some day I will, then you will know what I’m talking about.  I made a post or two earlier about what I do to audio files to make them sound better.  If you’re really interested, then search for the term “Mikeify” in that search bar at the bottom of the page.