The Fembot Crisis

I’ve just finished making a new video game.   Like my previous two video games Onyx Crystal Core and Pomplain Forst in Outer Spave, I made this in RPG Maker, so it’s a JRPG-style game at its foundation.

The Fembot Crisis is an homage to the “Fembot” episodes of the Bionic Woman and the “Robot” episodes from the Six Million Dollar Man.  In this game, you will play as Steve Austin, and use your bionic powers to work with the OSI, solve the mystery of the Fembots that have appeared, and bring down the villain.  Or you can choose a different path.

The game doesn’t mirror the plots of the episodes, but instead uses some of the same characters and settings to tell three distinct stories.

There are three separate story lines in this game, which are opened up by making choices during dialogue.  There are also good and bad endings for each of these three story lines, making six possible outcomes for the game.

Download it here for free:

The Fembot Crisis

The game will work on any modern Windows installation.  Mouse, keyboard, and controller support are all built-in.  Run it out of a non-system folder like Documents.  Press F4 to go to full screen, and don’t forget to use your bionics!