I’ll be in The Lab

A friend of mine told me that he read my “Pope” post while he was delirious and hallucinating from a bad fever caused by a cold.  That’s fucking hilarious.  See how I mock you and your infirmity!  Mock!

Tonight’s post is all about how I got that jones again.  Gosh dern, I’m in the need of some more of that phone-sex lovin’.  I had a crappy day at work,  It’s not too busy.  Usually that’s the problem.

No, today and all fucking year except for about 4 days spread out so far, it’s been quite fucking dead where I work.  We’re about to be inundated, I understand.  That’s no help now.

I’d rather be at home doing things than at work not doing anything.  I still get home at the same time in the evening, so I still have no time to get into these little projects and hobbies of mine.

There is however, phone sex.  I used to read lots of news in the evening after some tea.  I still do that sometimes, but now once a week I treat myself to some awesome role-play.  I don’t do any of the role-playing myself, it’s all done by computer. :P

That’s a joke.  HA!

It’s all done by the sweet lass on the other end of the phone.  I’ve been cooking up a little fantasy inside my head today, and as luck would have it, the lady I need to talk to is “on” tonight.  By “on” I mean both “taking calls” and “activated because she’s a fembot”.

That’s about all I have to say.  I’m all tingly and giddy with excitement for the hour that will soon come.  I can’t be bothered to focus on another “Song of the Day” post or anything like that.

I will say that i finally got the rest of those Peter Hammill CDs in the mail today.  I’m ripping them as I type this, and I shall begin the Mikeification asap!