Just a quick rant about DRM

Digital Restrictions Management.  What a fucking sick joke this is.  I just read about another DRM system that has gone down in flames.  This time, like so many times before and many more times to come, the paying customers who were dumb enough to be sold defective goods are being shafted.

So, you paid for some music in a digital file format.  Because the Music Industry is composed of fucking greedy pricks, they saddled your purchase with restrictions.  These restrictions make a fucking mockery of your right to fair use, but you either don’t care or didn’t notice because the music played for you.

But then the company who sold you those defective goods has some financial trouble, and they shut down the servers that authenticate your digital files.  It’s a lose-lose situation for you.  You can kiss that music and your money goodbye, and there’s no way of getting any satisfaction short of starting legal action.

People need to get educated on DRM and how it fucks them over.  I have no sympathy for people who lose money to entertainment corporations this way.  For all those paying customers who get crippled software, spyware, or non-functioning media files, there are smart pirates who get full-featured software, peace of mind, and warez they can enjoy forever.

DRM hurts only the paying customers, and does not one thing to stop piracy.