Song of the Day – “Holy Roller” by Nazareth

YouTube link, before I forget to mention it again.

First, a joke!


Q: How do you castrate a Catholic priest?

A: ˙ʍɐɾ ǝɥʇ uı ʎoqɹıoɥɔ ǝɥʇ ʞɔıʞ


If hell existed, there would be a special place in it for Christian pedophiles.  But thinking and talking about this makes me extremely angry, so I will change the subject.

Not really all that much, as it turns out.  I think for starters I’ll quote the lyrics:

Holy roller, looking down
Where you think you know
All the answers
Arrogance and pride….are sins
Better look to your, own chances


Holy roller can you save your own soul
Can you save your own soul
Holy roller

Standing, up for Jesus
Thats your thing
But you’re standing on peoples hearts
Charity is a virtue
To be praised
Better get back on…Jesus track


Holy roller, practice what you preach
Heaven, is still within your reach

Holy roller, don’t you judge
What you think is going wrong

Chorus (x2)

Jesus Christ is purported to have said many a good thing.  Also, some bad things too.  But his most well known “Christisms”, lets call them, are some very good pearls of wisdom.  You don’t even need to believe that Jesus existed to know that they can be seen as words to live by.  And for the record I don’t think that Jesus existed.  Such a figure would have been talked about somewhere other than the Bible, no?

Anyway, like the plot of the movie “The Life of Brian”… the followers have got it all wrong.  Some of them massively.  Look at the Vatican.  It’s fucking sickening.  The richest pedophiles on Earth, fat and grotesquely indolent.  Italy should take the Vatican over, give back or donate its riches to the poor and victimized, and make all those so-called “holy men” look for real work.  Fucking parasites.

Sadly, the good real Christians who are good people and who do as much good as they can to everyone are outnumbered and outshined by the truly vile Christians who celebrate their wealth at the expense of most of their neighbors, who ignore every lesson of humility that Christ ever taught, who try to take away the same rights for others that they suppose their god gave to them, and who swap hate for love in every other application of the teachings of their church.

I have known both types personally, I must admit.

But what of the song I’m supposed to be discussing?

Oh yes… lovely tune.  I only have it on that “Greatest Hits” album that Nazareth’s record company put out in the 70s.  I bought all the early Nazareth albums I could a while back, and they’re all quite good.  But there were a few early albums I couldn’t get, and “Holy Roller” is on one of those.

I suppose I’ll get them all one day… but there’s so much great music to absorb and I only have so much cash and time.

I will have to get this song onto my iPod from the mp3 I transferred to cassette.  As I’ve said before on this blog, I can make some cassettes sound as good as CDs through the process of Mikeification.

And now, the lighter side of Christ!

Okay, that last one’s not Jesus.  But it is funny.