Future F.A.I.T. — Writer’s Commentary

Comic number four that I commissioned was Future F.A.I.T.  It was always meant to be the first in a series of comics, but I have yet to commission the next part.  Future F.A.I.T. is a light-hearted and (hopefully) funny homage to and parody of classic SciFi tropes and settings, and it stars the lovely Kiwi Candy as Robot 04.  This is the most recent comic that I had the artist Predator draw for me, and I hope I can work with him again if I ever can make the continuation.

The F.A.I.T. in the title stands for Female Android Invasion Team, and unlike all my other comics, there is really only one female android through most of the comic.  I am aware that 1 ≠ team.

Page 00

The cover is actually the first of five individual covers.  I intended this comic to have multiple covers from the start of the project, and they are interleaved throughout the pages.  This one shows a parody of the famous movie poster from the film “Forbidden Planet“.  All the important details are there, right down to the robot holding the sexy unconscious chick.

Page 01

This page sets up some of the plot, in some over-the top and bombastic prose typical of many 1950s era SciFi films.  The stereotypically shaped flying saucer approaches the Earth and Moon, and you can almost see the strings holding up the prop!

Page 02

Here we see the inside of the flying saucer, and our first glimpse of the villainess – Oscilla the Sentient Oscilloscope.  We also see the Droid-O-Matic Automatic Android Making Machine™, and these two devices are among my favourite things that have ever appeared in my comics.  I love the whole concept of Oscilla as a character.  Let’s not forget to mention Oscilla’s crew.  She has three lovely Sorayama-style humanoid robots to do all her work for her.  Except for those three robots, you would swear this was a standard mad scientist laborotory from a SciFi movie of old.

Page 03

The vacuum tubes, the sparking electricity between the dipole antenna, the old-fashioned tape reels… the Droid-O-Matic doesn’t just look stylish – it gets the job done!

Page 04

As Oscilla’s robots pump raw parts and machinery into one end, out comes a completed (and for some reason fully dressed) android from the other end.  The sexy pink vinyl costume is something I designed, and its high back collar and flared shoulders were meant to give it an “alien fembot” kind of appearance.  Robot 04, also known as Candace, looks a lot like a human.  Except for the glossy skin, visible seams and access panel outlines, stamps that say “ROBOT 04” on her shoulders and butt, and that dipole antenna sticking out of her head.

I love this page, because it shows just how insane Oscilla really is.  She considers her creation to be a flawless duplication of the human form, one indistinguishable from the real thing.

Page 05

We can see from the different font used that Candace speaks in a robotic monotone, and doesn’t sound much like a real human at all.  She also moves stiffly and beeps a lot, so it would be hard to mistake her for the real thing.  But Oscilla is truly mad.  Cue mad scientist laugh and the fateful descent to Earth.

Page 05a

The second cover features a parody of the poster for “Attack of the 50 Foot Woman“.  There’s not much else to say about it, really, other than I love it.

Page 06

Here we see the flying saucer landing on Planet Earth, and unleashing the Female Android Invasion Team.  Already, we can sense that this wasn’t a very well planned-out invasion, but never mind that.  Candace does some very sexy repetitive talking and beeping, and shows a glimpse of her pixelated robovision too.  She’s looking for humans, and she’s found one right away.

Page 07

Candace emerges from the woods (near Banff) and sees that Michelle is stopped off the side of the road, changing a tire on her truck.  Michelle has just finished when Candace starts with some very corny and clichÁ©d 50s SciFi speak.  Michelle doesn’t immediately believe what she sees, and thinks that the android in front of her is a woman on her way to a costume party.  And since this is one of my comics, Michelle just happens to have a hardcore fembot fetish, so she’s immediately turned on by what she sees, too.

Page 08

Candace, rather, Robot 04 is undeterred by the stalling tactics of the human, and gets a little more aggressive.  Michelle is still amused by what she thinks is an act, but she’s getting a little impatient because she thinks this strange girl won’t answer her questions.

Then Robot 04 removes all doubt about what she is by removing her facemask.  She points her raygun at Michelle and states again that she is a robot.  Since exposing the electronic circuitry inside her head is something that only a robot could do, Michelle has no choice but to see her for what she really is now.

Page 09

It’s too late for Michelle, as Robot 04 has been designed and programmed to be the ultimate killing machine.  She fires her raygun at Michelle.  But something unexpected happens.  Michelle is left watching and wondering while Candace beeps and says “Error”.  Candace begins to malfunction, strutting around robotically and aimlessly in a circle until she topples over.  She shuts down, still pointing the raygun out ahead of her as she lies on the ground with her facemask off.

Page 10

Acting fast, Michelle takes the weapon away from the android.  She reattaches the facemask, which clicks back into place.  There’s no way Michelle would leave a gorgeous female robot out here like this, and she has more than a few tricks up her sleeve.  She drags the strange visitor up into the bed of her truck, covers her up, and drives home.

Page 10a

Here’s a cover that needs no explanation.  And here’s the explanation: “Star Wars” poster parody.  You got your ominous villain in the background, your Canadian geese and flying saucer off to the left, plus the two droids behind Candace and Michelle, who is holding a soldering iron in her hands.  This cover hints at the way the story heads from this point on, plus it looks fucking cool, I think.

Page 11

On this page, we see a very sexy scene of Robot 04, partially disassembled and deactivated on a table at Michelle’s house.  Michelle has taken the liberty of poking and peeking around inside Robot 04’s body, and seeing how she’s been constructed.  Here we see that she’s ready to reactivate her, and she’s hoping that their interaction will go better for her than it did last time.

Page 12

Michelle activates her android visitor, and has her check to see that everything is working properly.  It’s also obvious that Candace is obeying Michelle’s commands now, so we know that something has changed too.

Page 13

Michelle explains to Candace that she’s changed her programming.  Don’t ask me how Michelle knows how to access, let alone alter the programming of an alien fembot from outer space.  I imagine Candace’s programming before was in BASIC and looked something like:

30 GOTO 20

Michelle also explains the reason why Candace wasn’t successful with her attempted use of the raygun to kill her.  The raygun only affects electronic things, and makes them malfunction.  Another entry in the column of evidence that Oscilla is insane.

Page 14

We can see here one of the joys of talking to Robot 04.  There are some statements she just won’t respond to.  Of course, this endears her even more to Michelle, who finds the android irresistible in every way.  She tells Candace that she plans on programming her for some more varied uses, and she tells her about her various scientific degrees.  That explains why she knows more about programming alien fembot hotties than I do.

Page 15

This page shows some more of the interaction between the human and the machine.  Candace is quick to remind Michelle that she is a robot, and that she can not feel.  Of course, this makes Michelle want her even more.  Note the real “Attack of the 50 Foot Woman” poster in the corner.

Page 15a

And here is my favourite of all the covers – the “Pulp Fiction” parody.  That film isn’t a SciFi film, but I couldn’t resist parodying the poster.  The raygun.  The book.  The cigarettes.  The attentive observer may notice that the book she is reading is my own comic “Sexdroids in Space”.  You may also notice that her pink vinyl uniform is missing the high collar in the back.  I didn’t notice that until a few weeks after this was published.  We’ll just say her uniform is a convertible.  Also, the smokes are “MABO” brand because I used to work with someone who couldn’t pronounce Marlborough, and would instead say Mabo.

Page 16

Michelle has brought Robot 04 to her room, and she’s intent on teaching it how to make love.  Let’s face it, this would be way more fun than sitting down for a few 18-hour days to bash out some code, wouldn’t it?  Note that Michelle has Candace’s uniform in the closet, along with some lingerie for her to wear.

Page 17

Since Candace came out of the Droid-O-Matic fully dressed, and since putting on clothes was never part of the original crush/kill/destroy mission, Michelle must give her a quick lesson.  That scene where Candace puts her hands on Michelle’s head as she scans is something that Predator came up with himself, and I love it.  It helps the fembot compute her spatial extrapolations, and it takes Michelle by surprise too.

Page 18

There’s not much to say about this, other than Robot 04 looks sexy as hell getting dressed and standing at attention in her lingerie.  This is the kind of female android invasion I could really get behind.  Michelle certainly agrees.

Page 19

Michelle moves on to kissing instructions.  It turns out that Robot 04 is a fast learner when it comes to these things.

Page 20

I LOVE the eyes in the top two panels.  One set is full of love and lust, the other, empty and expressionless.  But Oscilla has been watching too since Candace has been reactivated!  And there’s something I need to say about the way Oscilla blurts out single words like “Treachery!!!” and “Sabotage!!!”  I got this from my good friend Keizo, who had a former boss who would do just this.  In an overly dramatic tone, he would bark out single words like that when he was upset.  It sounds nothing but ridiculous and insane – just like Oscilla.  And Oscilla is pissed, by the way.  I also learned some new words from my thesaurus, like contumacy and obstreperousness.

Page 20a

The “Titanic” parody.  This particular scene was never in any posters that I’ve seen, but I’m sure not the first to mock it.

Page 21

Here we see that Michelle is continuing her sex lesson with her new fembot, while Oscilla is going (more) bonkers because her invasion plans have been derailed.

Page 22

Michelle tells Candace that she’s attracted to her because of what she is, which doesn’t matter to the machine, of course.  But it’s wonderful for everyone involved that Robot 04 has a vaginal lubrication system, isn’t it?  And I really like the way the LEDs inside the open access panel shine through the fabric of those panties.

Page 23

Oscilla isn’t impressed at all, ans she has hatched another plan, this time to get revenge on the human who has interfered whit her.  Oscilla orders her robots to start production of another android.  This is the page that originally had too many silver fembots obeying Oscilla’s commands.

Michelle gets her first taste of Candace’s android pussy, and has her take off her facemask again for another view of those sexy electronics.

Page 24

It doesn’t take long for Michelle to bring herself to an orgasm, and she rests on the bed next to Robot 04.  Did I mention how sexy Candace looks in her lingerie?

Page 25

Michelle tells Candace of the next lesson, and Candace gives her another reminder that she is a machine, and not a real woman.

Page 26

This is the setup to the next – and as of yet unmade – part of the story.  Oscilla has constructed “Robot Michelle”!  Oscilla thinks this is an identical copy of the human, and she plans to send this android to Planet Earth as well so it can finish the job that Robot 04 started.  Robot Michelle will also take revenge on human Michelle for what she’s done to Robot 04, but knowing Oscilla, it won’t go as planned.  In any case, Oscilla seems to think that she’s unstoppable.  She has a flying saucer, a crew of chrome female humanoid robots, and the Droid-O-Matic Automatic Android Making Machine™.  What more could she possibly need to take over Planet Earth?