Shemale Android Sex Sirens — Writer’s Commentary

S.A.S.S. is a beautiful thing.  Spoilers will be plentiful, so if you have never read the comic, I suggest you do that first.  This third major comic of mine was a diversion for me, both in the kinky sense of the word and in another.  First of all, it was the first comic I had commissioned that explored my budding interest in shemale models.  It was also the first where I sought out different artists to get a different look.

I found the incredibly talented A.B. Lust on the same site where I had originally found Predator, and luckily for me, a collaboration was possible.

But I need to explain a bit about how the idea to make a shemale robot themed comic came about first.  In around 2009 or so, back when I had money to spend on such frivolities, I actually subscribed to a certain shemale comic art porn website that (in theory) offers its members to specify little scenes for their artists to draw as little comics.  I only subscribed because finding this site gave me an instantly great idea for a shemale fembot comic.

The idea was to have this hot brunette chick meet this stunning hot blonde chick on a beach.  The brunette would make sexual advances to the blonde, who would remain oddly passive, yet go along with it.  The brunette would find out that the blonde is a shemale, and they would have sex.  Then in a playful moment, the brunette would splash her water on the blonde.  That would cause her to malfunction and reveal herself as a robot.

The idea never got used on that website, and I never got a reply when I asked about the idea I submitted, so I canceled my membership.  Now you might recognize that scene as the opening to S.A.S.S.  And let’s face it, A.B. Lust did a much better job with that stretched out over twelve pages than some website would have done without dialogue over only five.

But since I didn’t get a little shemale android mini-comic for the price of a website membership, I decided to go full steam ahead and commission another comic.  So I came up with a story and another little world where shemale androids operate amongst us.  I contacted the lovely and vivacious Amanda (AKA Robotica) on NiteFlirt and asked her to star in this one.  To my delight, she agreed, and she’s that smoking hot redhead who runs S.A.S.S. Headquarters.  I also based a character off the appearance of the lovely Sarina Valentina, and she also agreed to appear as herself in it, which was extremely thrilling for me.

As for the rest of the story, it came into place once I had decided what exactly S.A.S.S. was and what they do.  You see, S.A.S.S. agents are some of the most beautiful women you will ever meet, only they conceal two important details: each one packs a penis in her panties, and each one is a robot.  The goal of the agency is to make their agents more and more realistic, so that they can’t be detected as machines.  And of course, S.A.S.S. also keeps manufacturing agents and sending them into the world.

S.A.S.S. HQ is located in a hotel complex in the bikini-tastic city of Miami, Florida, and that’s why so many of their androids walk around wearing next to nothing.  It’s here that the story begins.

Page 00

This is an okay cover, but it’s not the best I’ve come up with.  I like the blank stares, particularly on Sarina, but I wish I had come up with something more dynamic.  I’ve never really thought of anything better in the meantime anyway, so here it stands.  I also used the wrong colour for the title font – it doesn’t contrast enough with the background.

Also here is the first appearance of a certain sculpture that makes another appearance later in the comic.  It’s in the back on a shelf between that Sentinel and Daisy.  I’ve always wondered if anyone recognized it, because it’s drawn to look exactly like what it is.  I’ll say more about it when it appears again.

Page 01

And here we have the opening of that scene I talked about.  Linda is your standard everyday horny young lady in Miami.  She’s bisexual, of course, and she knows a stunning hot blonde when she sees one.  And who could possibly resist Amy?  The very first panel pays homage to a famous scene in the first Terminator movie.  We can tell already from Amy’s replies and expression that something isn’t quite right about her, and since we’re reading a Robotman comic, the safe money is on betting that she’s a robot.

This was the first page that I saw inked and coloured from A.B. Lust, and it confirmed for me in spades that I had made the right choice.  The art and colouring are beautiful.  I love the noticeable glossy plastic sheen that Amy has.  And I normally don’t do foreshadowing, but Linda’s comment to Amy in the bottom panel sure lays it on thick.

Page 02

Here we see Linda being very forward with Amy, and asking her to go behind the palm trees with her for some sexy-time.  And if we hadn’t guessed by the way Amy was acting that something was up with her, we should be suspicious by now.  She’s talking like a computer.

Page 03

We can see on this page that Amy doesn’t have a response for Linda, but that’s okay.  Linda leads the way and uses her now for things she’s actually programmed to do.  That’s some of Amy’s automatic response programming kicking in.

Page 04

Amy does well with kissing and caressing and fondling, and Linda gets even more into it.  Linda takes off her bikini top and tries to get Amy a little more emotionally invested in the situation.  She gets a blank stare and some more of that sexy computer talk.

Page 05

But Linda isn’t bothered in the slightest, and doesn’t even notice what’s really going on.  As far as Linda is concerned, Amy is just a hot blonde with big tits who happens to be a little on the dumb side.  Linda is cool with that, because she’s just looking for sex right now.

Then things get interesting when Linda feels up Amy’s crotch and finds her penis.  Linda is delighted, and I love the look on her face when she finds out.

Page 06

By this point, it’s plainly obvious from the way Amy talks that she’s not a person, but Linda is so distracted that she isn’t listening much any more.  She gets on her knees and gives Amy a blow job.

Page 07

Here is a gratuitous oral sex page with computer talk from Amy and some lovely eyes from Linda as Amy ejaculates into her mouth.

Page 08

Amy is a machine giving status updates and obeying orders, but Linda can’t even see that.  She goes right from oral sex to penetration, and asks the hot blonde bimbo to rail her from behind.

Page 09

It’s doubtful that even a promiscuous lass like Linda has ever been pounded by a machine like Amy before, so the sensation takes her by surprise.  She comes quickly to climax.

Page 10

Linda beams with excitement over her newly found playmate, but Amy remains still, awaiting more instructions.  Linda suggests that the two ladies go for a swim in the ocean together.  Amy, of course, knows that she can not submerge her electronic circuitry in water, and she tells this in a direct way to Linda.  I’m not sure exactly what a standardized OSHA caution sign sounds like, but I’m sure it’s serious business.

Page 11

Still not suspecting what’s really going on, Linda jokes around and splashes her water at Amy.  Right away, there is water damage, and Amy goes into diagnostic mode.  Her voice alters to a harsh robotic monotone, and she plainly states that she is damaged and malfunctioning.  She is also sparking with electrical current and beeping like only a computer could.  We can see that the shock of the situation has finally hit Linda.

Page 12

Amy tries to return to S.A.S.S. Headquarters, which is the protocol when there is damage to her systems like this.  But since she is malfunctioning, she hits a tree with her head – hard enough to knock her facemask off.

Linda now sees without any doubt that Amy is a robot.  Amy partially resets while continuing to malfunction.  With her facemask off and her electronics showing in full view, she introduces herself to Linda again while at the same time calling for a technician to assist.

She continues to spark and beep and flail her arms as the malfunctions spread within her systems.  Linda is freaked out by the surprise of the whole thing, but as we  will see later, she’s still genuinely attracted to Amy even though she knows what she is now.

Ominously, two dark figures approach from behind.

Page 13

These are the fast-moving Sentinels.  These robots are guards that S.A.S.S. has manufactured, and there are thousands of them.  They are all identical.  Though they appear to be wearing skin-tight vinyl bodysuits, that actually is their “skin”.  They aren’t intended to look realistic, and they don’t have genitals either.  They are the most inhuman robots that the agency has created, and they are not intended to be seen my any humans.  The fact that Linda has now had to interact with them is not good news for her.

They speak in an even more harsh and robotic monotone than the malfunctioning Amy robot had just spoken in, and Linda is frightened by these robotic guards.  They don’t move their mouths when they speak, and they don’t even have eyes either.  Those sunglasses are built into their faceplates.  They are quite obviously mechanized, and Linda knows that she’s been caught by robots.

Just then the scene shifts to the inside of the S.A.S.S. Headquarters building.  We can see Sentinels all around, and some more attractive S.A.S.S. agents.

Page 14

Amanda – the S.A.S.S. executive and the woman in charge of all the shemale androids – leads Sarina to an examination chair so she can download her memory files to the computer.  That is done, of course, by removing Sarina’s facemask and connecting a cable to a port amid the beautiful electronic circuitry now visible.  This has been a frequent scene in my fantasies for a very long time, and it almost made it into “The Robots of Love” and “Sexdroids in Space”.  I think it fits here the best.

Sarina is in Diagnostic mode in this scene, and she speaks in a monotone robot voice and acts without simulated emotions.

Page 15

The data transfer scene completes over this page with some sexy computer talk out of Sarina.  I had just found out about the incredible Sarina Valentina while I was working on this comic with A.B. Lust, so I decided to include her in this scene as a tribute to her loveliness.

Amanda points out that Sarina is working perfectly, and Sarina points out that she is perfect.  Who could argue?

Page 16

The next page shows us part of what Sarina’s mission is.  She is programmed to “siphon financial assets from a human”.  Here we see that whoever Sarina has hooked up with is quite pleased that Sarina is a shemale.

Page 17

Here we see some more computer talk from Sarina, and she computes that she will be successful at her mission.  Amanda agrees, and tells Sarina that she is the most successful robot that S.A.S.S. has ever built.  She then sends her on her way.

Page 18

Amanda gets the lovely robot to activate her Human Emulation Mode first, and Sarina teases us by telling us that she’s not really a bad girl… she’s just programmed that way.  I love the way she winks.  Amanda loves looking at dat ass too.

Page 19

Amanda checks her clipboard and sees that the next item on the list is Daisy, or rather, the Daisy robots.  Daisy is a “USB” delivery girl, as you can tell by that skimpy brown uniform.  She malfunctioned earlier though, and made her way back to S.A.S.S. HQ.  The second Daisy is actually the one in the USB delivery uniform.  The first one had already been stripped naked and fully probed and checked.  Upon her arrival, it was determined that there were too many hardware problems to repair her and send her back out, so a replacement S.A.S.S. agent was prepared.  This other Daisy robot is identical to the first, and Amanda’s job now is to finish programming it and transfer stored memory files from the first Daisy to the second.

She is just about to do this when a viewscreen activates and interrupts her.

Page 20

Amanda’s assistant Pamela appears on the viewscreen and asks Amanda about a particular incident.  That number happens to be the Unix time code for Friday, 14 Aug 2015 11:37:49 GMT.  That was still about four years into the future when I wrote this.  Now, it’s next year.  And there is a bit of significance to that date.  The fact that Amanda can instantly recognize and distinguish a ten-digit number like that is also a bit of foreshadowing, and it should tell you that she might also be a machine.

Pamela assures Amanda that the intruder (Linda) has been contained, so Amanda continues getting that replacement USB delivery girl operational first.  That gives us another great opportunity to see another faceoff scene!  Yay!

Page 21

And speaking of Linda, she’s looking cold and sad in the holding cell, but she has to be impressed by that force-field technology keeping her locked in.  That was A.B. Lust’s idea by the way, and I love it.  S.A.S.S. has some neat high tech toys.

You might also notice that Amanda talks to the Sentinels differently than she talks to the other S.A.S.S. agents.  She simply issues orders to these robots – there is no please or thank you here.

Page 22

Amanda introduces herself to Linda, and is friendly to her in order to gain her trust.  We know what Amanda has planned for her captive, but Linda can’t begin to imagine her fate.

Page 23

Linda asks Amanda to let her go, but we know that Amanda will not let that happen.  She tells Linda “not yet”.  Of course we know that Amanda plans on keeping Linda here for good.  It’s also apparent to Amanda that Linda is attracted to her S.A.S.S. agents because they are robots.

Page 24

Amanda brings her captive through the S.A.S.S. complex to her penthouse suite.  Linda is still uncomfortable in the presence of those Sentinels.  Amanda explains what S.A.S.S. is, and what it does.

Page 25

Linda apologizes to Amanda for damaging the Amy robot.  Amanda tells her not to worry about it.  The “robovision” in that lower-left panel is the elevator security camera recording the interaction.  That’s another touch of brilliance courtesy of A.B. Lust.

Page 26

Finally, they arrive at Amanda’s penthouse suite.  It is richly decorated, and the view is stunning.  Here again we see that sculpture I mentioned earlier.  You can get a good view of the drawing on this page.  Can you recognize it yet?  The fact that nobody has pointed it out over the last three or so years tells me that nobody has, so here’s the riddle solved.

The First Transistor

That there is a model of the very first transistor assembled by Bell Labs in 1947.  Amanda has a reproduction as art in her suite because it’s part of her, uh, heritage.  Don’t feel bad that you didn’t recognize it, neither did Linda.

Page 27

Amanda’s first line on this page quotes The Big Bad Wolf from the Little Red Riding Hood fairy tale, in case you missed it.  It’s another hint that she’s sort of a bad girl in this story.  We also meet Amanda’s assistant Pamela again, and Amanda delights in removing Pamela’s facemask to show Linda that she’s a robot too.

Page 28

Upon Amanda’s prompting, Linda admits that she does find it sexy when a girl like Pamela has her facemask removed.  Pamela introduces herself to Linda while her facemask is off, and arouses Linda even further by doing so.  Amanda reattaches her assistant’s facemask and gets her to fix Linda a drink.

Page 29

Pamela has Linda’s preferred drink recipe on file, so she starts about making it.  Linda tells Amanda how convincing Pamela appears to be, and Amanda tells Linda that she is free to enjoy herself at S.A.S.S. Headquarters.  Linda then sees Amy, and wants to apologize to her.  Amanda reminds Linda that Amy is a machine without feelings, so there is no need for that.

Page 30

Amanda takes advantage of Linda’s just confirmed attraction to androids by having Amy give her a status report and a product demonstration.  Add this with Amy’s open abdominal panel, and Linda finds her irresistible again.

Page 31

As part of her programming, Amy removes her bikini top and bottom and asks Linda how she’d like to play with her.  Pamela returns with Amy’s drink then, and Linda is adventurous enough to ask Amanda if she can play with her too.  Amanda agrees, and issues Pamela a coded command.  Pamela undresses down to her black lingerie and informs Linda of her capabilities.  She too asks Linda how she’d like to use her.

Page 32

Amanda excuses herself from the room, and initiates a sex session between Pamela and Amy.  Amanda quotes probably the most famous Terminator movie line then.  Pamela, being the more advanced android, initiates the session and orders Amy to get on all fours.  Amy confirms this in quite a robotic way.  We can then see what both Linda and Pamela are thinking just then as Amy states “Ready.”

Page 33

Pamela walks into position behind Amy, and asks Linda if she is enjoying herself.  Linda confirms that she is, and Pamela suggests that she masturbates while she watches.  Pamela then proceeds to fuck Amy.

Page 34

After that, Amanda returns.  She has changed into a lovely red satin robe and black lingerie.  It looks great on her, but that’s not all.  She has also brought back another android.  This one just happens to be an exact duplicate of Linda.  Amanda calls it the “new and improved version”.  Linda is understandably irate.  She demands to know how Amanda could do such a thing.

Page 35

Amanda answers her question in a literal sense.  She tells Linda how easy it was to copy her appearance and personality into an already existing S.A.S.S. agent.  Linda demands to know why, and Robot Linda explains.  She tells Linda that she knows too much, and that S.A.S.S. can’t let her leave now that she knows all of their secrets.  Robot Linda will replace her and resume living her life for her.  Robot Linda is confident that because she is a machine, she will be more efficient at being Linda than the real Linda would have been.  She removes her facemask to punctuate this statement, and goes on to tell Linda that she is obsolete because Robot Linda has tools and functions that she does not have.  Robot Linda is a S.A.S.S. agent, after all.

Page 36

The real Linda isn’t impressed by any of this, and tells Amanda that she’ll never get away with it.  Amanda and Robot Linda assure her that none of her friends will ever detect the Robot Linda as an impostor among them.  Amanda decides to prove this point to Linda by revealing that she is also a robot.  She removes her facemask and her access panel covers.

Page 37

Amanda tells Linda that she is the most advanced shemale android ever manufactured.  Amanda is also sure that she is even more irresistible to her human captive now.  Linda is far too upset and scared for that now though.  She demands to know what these androids are going to do with her.  And it turns out they just want to keep her like a pet.

I had always intended to continue this story, so I ended it with a “The End?” at the bottom of this page.  But there are still eight pages to go.

Page 38

Here’s a page entirely created by me!  This was the very last page to be created, and it only serves as a break between the story part of the comic and the “character” pages that follow.

Page 39 to 45

All of these pages have the same format and show each one of the characters from the preceding story.  They show only the S.A.S.S. agents, and first comes Amy, then Pamela, then Daisy, then Sarina, then Amanda, then Robot Linda, then the Sentinels.  Each page has the android’s type, model number, serial number, and a brief description of what the android is programmed to do.

And that’s the first S.A.S.S. comic.  I want to say more about what happened after I posted it, but I’ll leave that story for the “S.A.S.S. Renegadeswriter’s commentary, as it leads directly to the making and the story of that comic.