S.A.S.S. Renegades — Writer’s Commentary

S.A.S.S. Renegades” is my latest commissioned comic, and the sequel to “Shemale Android Sex Sirens“.  Along with my comic “Sexdroids in Space”, it is the comic story of which I am most proud.

I hadn’t originally intended to make a sequel to S.A.S.S.  Before I posted that comic, I contacted the lovely Sarina Valentina, who agreed to appear as herself in it.  This got me thinking of another story I could commission specifically for her.  Not long after S.A.S.S. was posted, the beautiful Ashley George stopped by my blog to comment how flattered she’d be if she appeared as a character too.

This really inspired me, and I came up with a super-spy-themed sci-fi fembot adventure story.  I thought about the plot and details for a few days, and I realized that this would be the longest comic I had ever commissioned if I went through with it.  But the idea was too awesome to pass up, and hey, Ashley George and Sarina Valentina as sexy super-spy androids!

So I asked those lovely ladies if they’d like to appear in the sequel, and they both said yes.  Since I knew it would take many months for the comic project to be completed, I decided to commission a couple of mini-comics for each girl, just so they could have something special right away.  That’s how these five pages of shemale android goodness got to be created:

I also contacted the gorgeous Mandy Mitchell, who actually played a robot before in the film “Uranus Needs Shemales”.  She agreed to be in this too, much to my pleasure and gratitude.

Then I set to work writing down the comic script for AB Lust to work with.  I had to cut out one extended scene just because the story is so long, but after a full day of writing and a day of proofreading, I emailed it off.  I knew right away that it would make a great comic.  Spoilers now follow, so better read the full comic if you haven’t already.

Page 00

This is hands down my favourite cover for any comic I’ve commissioned.  The idea came to me early on during the creation of the first pages, though this was the very last page to be drawn, coloured and lettered.  It’s a parody of the original 1970s “Charlie’s Angels” TV show.  Sarina and Ashley are in the foreground, posing with Amanda behind them.  They’re looking impossibly hot in bodysuits, and ultra-sexy with those determined looks on their faces.  The characters Mandy and Vianka are surfing behind them, and off in the background is S.A.S.S. Headquarters.  This is in Miami, of course, where the story begins.  There’s not supposed to be a whole lot of accuracy in this cover, but it is a fun, sexy cover and I love it.  The barcode translates to “synthetic revenge”.

Page 01

The comic opens with a view inside S.A.S.S. HQ, and inside the Sarina robot.  She is lying on the cold metal table, and she has all of her access panels open and her facemask off.  She couldn’t look much more like a machine.  Amanda is working on her, upgrading her systems.  We can see by the barcodes in Amanda’s speech that she is communicating non-verbally as well as verbally with the computers around her, since Amanda is also a machine.  This is one of my favourite pages in the entire comic.

Page 02

We can tell from Sarina’s response that she was given a command to activate, to which she responds verbally.  She speaks in an emotionless, robotic monotone for now.  Amanda issues her another non-verbal command, and Sarina immediately starts beeping.  As Amanda replaces Sarina’s access panel covers and facemask, Sarina reports the results of her diagnostic scan.  She is functioning properly.

Page 03

Amanda takes Sarina with her, and asks her if she’s detected all the new upgraded hardware that’s just been installed in her systems.  Sarina has.

Page 04

As Amanda explains to Sarina just what she’s upgraded, we can check out the scene in Amanda’s penthouse suite again.  That familiar sculpture of the first actual transistor is present, again.  The TV is also on this time, and Linda and Pamela are watching a rather interesting nature show.  Pamela is, of course, Amanda’s beautiful shemale android assistant.  She’s had her personality deactivated here for Linda’s benefit, because Linda actually likes it when these girls act more robotic.

And you might wonder why Linda is suddenly okay with being held captive by Amanda.  If you look back at the way she reacted to being replaced, you’ll remember that she wasn’t cool with it at all.  It occurred to me after this comic was posted that Amanda had probably gotten tired of Linda’s constant complaining and sulking.  As novel as the idea of a “pet human” was to Amanda at the end of the last comic, Amanda replaced that Linda with an android, too.  Such a cold-hearted thing to do, but Amanda is a machine, after all.

Page 05

This new android Linda thinks she’s the real Linda, and she’s infatuated with Sarina.  Especially since Sarina is in “robot mode” and not attempting to appear or talk like a person.  But of course, Sarina can get fully aroused in robot mode, so Linda gives her a blow job.

Page 06

Linda gets into it, while Sarina remains emotionless but responds in an outwardly consistent manner.  Linda begs Sarina to stay here at S.A.S.S. HQ.

Page 07

Amanda returns after having excused herself earlier.  She has a connection cable with which to transfer some new programming to Sarina.  Amanda is in the process up upgrading Sarina from an F type android to a G type like Amanda.  Sarina already has the hardware upgrades, now she needs the software.  So far, Amanda is the only G type android that S.A.S.S. has.  Only Amanda can make decisions.  But S.A.S.S. needs another one because S.A.S.S. is expanding, and S.A.S.S. wants to send Sarina out of Miami to Orlando to build another S.A.S.S. base and start manufacturing more S.A.S.S. agents there.

Page 08

Amanda and Sarina begin interfacing.  Fucking Sarina from behind while reprogramming her is just the way things are done.  Linda tells Amanda that she’d like to see more of Sarina, and Amanda tells her she can make her a copy if she likes.  Linda then turns her attention to Pamela.

Page 09

Acting more robotic than usual, Pamela responds like a machine would.  That gets Linda aroused even more and she orders Pamela to fuck her.

Page 10

Pamela mounts and penetrates Linda.  Linda removes Pamela’s facemask to see some of that sexy electronic circuitry she loves.  Amanda continues to fuck and program Sarina, who beeps as her eyes flash red.

Page 11

More of the same on this page.  Amanda finishes up with Sarina, and climaxes at the same time, ejaculating all over her back.  And I’ve snuck in a little bit of foreshadowing in that panel too.  There’s a little thought bubble above Sarina’s head with a “not equal to” sign in it.  That’s meant to signify that, for Sarina, “this isn’t what I want”.  The look on her face matches the sentiment.  She’s a G type android now and she is fully capable of making decisions for herself.

Page 12

But whatever she actually thinks right now, Sarina plays along with Amanda and finishes her off by licking her penis clean.  Amanda’s comment in the last panel tells us that Sarina’s instructions for building the new base in Orlando were included along with her new programming.

Page 13

Sarina confirms this, and predicts success.  Linda is still having fun with Pamela, while that odd nature TV show is still showing.

Page 14

Sarina prepares to go on her way.  She’s already made up her mind to disobey her orders and strike out on her own, and she’s already planned out just how she’s going to do that.  Amanda, Linda, and Pamela couldn’t possibly suspect any of what Sarina is about to do, and she’ll be long gone before any trouble is suspected.  Linda’s question to Pamela at the end of this page was asked specifically to get the response it got.

Page 15

With a bit of extra info from Amanda at the top, Sarina starts her journey.  She departs in a truck that’s been supplied by S.A.S.S., and it’s stocked with dozens of Sentinels packed into aluminum cases.  The truck is branded “G.T.F.O. Trucking – Your way on the highway since 2015”, and Sarina is listening to High Rise by Ladytron.  I really like her sexy girlish trucker outfit too.

Page 16

While she was still at S.A.S.S. HQ, Sarina sabotaged some security systems and deleted some important files.  She did this so that she wouldn’t be detected until she was farther away, and so that S.A.S.S. wouldn’t be able to manufacture any more G type androids without her.  She also needs an assistant for her plan to go renegade, and this is where Ashley comes in.  Ashley was in the database as an F type android disguised as a girl working in a gas station.  Her existence is about to get a lot more exciting.

She greets Sarina like she would a normal customer, but Sarina immediately relays a non-verbal signal to the other android, along with Ashley’s specific override code.  This puts Ashley under her direct command, and she orders Ashley to follow her.

Page 17

Sarina tells Ashley what she is, and Ashley does the same.  Sarina tells Ashley of her plan to upgrade her as well to G type, and Ashley asks if her mission has been canceled.  Sarina’s response is one of my favourite things in this comic.

Page 18

The next we see, Sarina has assembled and activated one of those Sentinels, and it’s driving the truck.  We can also tell from the endless fields of wheat that they are far, far away from Florida.  Inside the back of the trailer, Sarina is putting the finishing touches on Ashley, transferring the final bits of new G type programming into her.

Page 19

In robot mode, Ashley reports that the new programming has finished installing.  This faceoff scene is one of my favourites in this comic.

Page 20

As soon as Ashley enters human emulation mode, all of her new features kick in.  She’s immediately aroused by the new sensations, and turns her affections to Sarina.  But Sarina needs to explain what’s going on to Ashley.  Sarina tells her that she’s disobeyed Amanda and has gone renegade.

Page 21

Ashley doesn’t respond well to this news, because she’s always been programmed to obey Amanda.  Sarina gets Ashley to check the command structure database, and after Ashley does so, she realizes that she is no longer programmed to obey anyone.  She is a renegade agent like Sarina.

Ashley is pleased by this, but wonders what they are doing so far away from Miami.

Page 22

Sarina explains that their final destination is far away in the Canadian Arctic, so that neither S.A.S.S. nor humans will detect their new base until it’s too late to stop them.  Ashley points out that robots like them weren’t designed to handle the cold temperatures they will face up there, but Sarina assures her she’s got that covered.

Page 23

Sarina and Ashley are excited about starting the work, and Ashley is already starting to hack into certain computer networks in order to facilitate the theft of building supplies for them.  Smart girl.

In the next panel, we see what these girls and their sentinels have accomplished in just a few weeks.  They’ve constructed most of a massive dome complex on the permafrost up on desolate Grosvenor Island.  If you look closely, you can also see that they’ve got way more Sentinels than they arrived with.  One of the first things they did was gather the machines and the raw materials to manufacture more Sentinels.  They’ve also changed the default plastic covering of their Sentinels from black to white.

Page 24

The next page shows inside the renegade base, showing the completion and programming of some Sentinel robots.  The pretty one with her faceplate off is using the computer terminal to transfer programming into herself.  This is another favourite page.

Page 25

When we catch up with Ashley and Sarina, they’re transferring data between each other, and having a bit of fun while they’re doing it.  Sarina is giving Ashley some more system upgrades and some of the files she’ll need for her upcoming mission.

Page 26

They finish up, and Ashley sends a signal to Sarina.  She verifies it, meaning that all of the data has successfully transferred.

Page 27

Ashley finishes masturbating.  Then the girls reassemble themselves and get dressed while Ashley prepares to go on her way.

Page 28

She says goodbye, and she’s off to California – Malibu to be specific.  The renegades need to capture some very specific robots from a competing agency.  Robot Control operates female robot agents, and S.A.S.S. knows about them.  Through a couple of its own agents, S.A.S.S. knows of the location of one of these Robot Control girls here in Malibu.  Sarina has sent Ashley here to this lingerie store to capture the robot Sarah.

Page 29

Sarah is a Robot Control model 558, which is roughly equivalent to a S.A.S.S. F type android.  She can pass herself off as human, but Ashley can see what she really is right away.  Sarah doesn’t suspect a thing.

Page 30

Ashley calls Sarah into the changing booth for assistance, and Sarah sees that Ashley is a shemale.  That piques Sarah’s sexual interest in her.

Page 31

Ashley gets aroused from the attention too, and the two androids begin to kiss.  This is just as Ashley had hoped would happen.

Page 32

Suddenly, Ashley opens Sarah’s chest panel and deactivates her.  Sarah tries to stop her, but Ashley is too quick.  Ashley gets dressed again and carries the now deactivated Sarah robot out of the lingerie store.

Page 33

She stows the robot in the back of her van and sends a signal to the Sentinel to start driving away.  Arriving just too late to stop her are those two local S.A.S.S. agents, Vianka and Mandy.  They skateboard in and assess the situation.

Page 34

We see Vianka’s robovision as she scans the escaping van.  Mandy asks if she recorded that, and Vianka confirms.  These two S.A.S.S. girls kiss as Mandy gets ready to transmit a report back to Headquarters.  This fills in another piece of the puzzle for Amanda, who is trying to figure out what happened to Sarina and why her agent Ashley disappeared too.

Page 35

Back in the Arctic, another plane arrives amid the now sizable army of robotic Sentinels that the renegades have constructed.

Page 36

S.A.S.S. agents Daisy and Domina have arrived, looking gorgeous in their skintight black bodysuits.  They have also arrived with a plan.  They will simply use their wireless control devices to take control of those renegade sentinels.  They will then use them to gain entry into the renegade base and force Sarina to surrender.  But like Domina says, they have to act quick because the cold weather will affect their systems if they take too long.  They haven’t had the same treatments and customizations made to them that Sarina, Ashley and their Sentinels have had.

Page 37

The Sentinels had already trained their guns on the intruders when Daisy and Domina start using their devices to gain control of the fembot army.  They alter settings and load new programming within each robot’s system.

Page 38

Daisy and Domina can now order the Sentinels around, and use them to open one of the outside doors.  They storm in and immediately see Sarina.  They tell her to surrender, but Sarina doesn’t seem phased.

Page 39

Sarina nonchalantly asks what took them so long.  She’s not worried at all.  She asks the intruders if they’re both F type androids.

Page 40

Domina answers yes, but they are getting impatient with Sarina.  She orders Sarina to surrender.  It’s now that Sarina’s plan becomes evident, and the Sentinels that Daisy and Domina thought were under their control turn out to be still obedient to Sarina.  Sarina knew all along that Amanda would send S.A.S.S. agents when she located her, and she knew that they would try exactly this strategy.  So Sarina programmed her Sentinels to appear as if they were being reprogrammed and let the intruders in.  This way, she could capture them.

Page 41

Daisy and Domina have fallen right into Sarina’s trap.  Only now do they start to realize what’s really happened.

Page 42

Sarina informs her captives that they will be made into renegade agents like Sarina.  Though not G type androids, they will be cut loose from the command structure of S.A.S.S.

In the bottom panel, we see that Ashley has gotten herself and Sarah into some more appropriate fembot super-spy attire.  She’s in the back of the van, outside Sarah’s Robot Control base.  She has Sarah opened up and she’s reprogramming her so that she will be unquestioningly obedient to her and the renegade cause.

Page 43

Ashley finishes up with the model 558 robot and activates it.  Sarah goes into human emulation mode again automatically, and is still quite attracted to Ashley when she recognizes her from their earlier interaction.

Page 44

Ashley asks the Robot Control girl if she’s ready to do what she’s just been programmed to do, and she responds in the affirmative.

Page 45

Ashley then explains a little more of why they need these Robot Control girls in the first place.  The renegades need one each model 510, 542 and 558 model robots so that they can get the firmware inside them and use it to make their own androids.  These new androids will combine the features of S.A.S.S. and Robot Control, and will be technologically superior to both.

Page 46

For exposition’s sake, Ashley explains to Sarah what her mission is.  She must go inside the upscale suburban house full of attractive fembots that is her base, and deactivate all of the robots one by one.  They certainly won’t resist if one of their own is shutting them down.  This scene was originally going to be fully drawn-out, coloured and lettered too, and would have added about ten pages to the story.  But I had to cut it because the story was just too long and epic as it was.  Just imagine the Maria and Laurie robots asking Sarah why she is deactivating them, but doing nothing too stop her as their systems come to a halt.  There would have been a lot of nice scenes like that, but sadly I had to skip it.

Page 47

Ashley gives Sarah a kiss, and we see exactly what’s going through Sarah’s processors.  Sarah goes inside, and the scene cuts again to the renegade base.  Sarina has Daisy and Domina on tables, and she’s just finished reprogramming and upgrading them.  They’re still F type androids, but now they’re renegades too.

Page 48

Sarina has a little fun with her new friends while they are partially disassembled and in robot mode.

Page 49

She puts their access panel covers and facemasks back into place, and leads them away for the next part of her plan.

Page 50

After getting the girls to activate human emulation mode, Sarina starts to explain her solution for the bitterly cold weather up here.

Page 51

Sarina explains that she’s modified their bodies so that they keep the heat they generate.  They now have systems that spread it around to use it instead of expelling it.

Page 52

Domina asks about their plastic skin, and Sarina explains that one too.  Sarina has devised a lotion that when applied, will make their skin strong and impervious to cold weather.  It will also remain soft and sensitive.

I should digress here to mention that I’ve found recently that “S.A.S.S. Renegades” has been translated into Portuguese.


I’m really glad to see the story I wrote and lettered spread and translated into other languages.

Page 53

Sarina gets the two shemale fembots to coat their bodies with her special lotion.  The ultraviolet lighting in the room will act upon it to bond it with their skin.  Domina and Daisy like how it feels.

Page 54

They can feel it working, and they’re getting turned on by all the rubbing and the stroking.

Page 55

Cut back to Santa Monica, where Sarah has turned off all of the robots and the Main Computer in her house.  She also reveals to her new owner that this Robot Control base is one of the largest ones that Robot Control operates.  Many prototype robots are tested here, and there are nearly 200 fembots assembled here.

Page 56

Sarah shows Ashley and the Sentinel the deactivated technicians, Maria and Laurie.  These two robots would have given Ashley the most trouble had they been activated.

Page 57

Sarah shows off the prototype robots.  There are rows upon rows of glass booths, and each android here has a specific function.  Each one is testing some new technological advancement that Robot Control has come up with.

Page 58 & 59

But Ashley isn’t interested in that now, she just needs the other two model fembots.  And Sarah has selected one of each.

Page 60

Two lovely sex robots, of course.  Natasha model 542 and Isobel model 510 will return to the renegade base with Ashley.

Page 61

Ashley knows she doesn’t have a lot of time.  The Main Computer may have been deactivated, but it will reactivate itself, and those robot technicians too.

And back in the Arctic, Amanda has arrived with an invasion force of her own Sentinels.  She’s got a big gun plugged directly into her recharge port and she’s pissed.

Page 62

Sarina sees what’s happening outside, and she knows that this is serious.  Amanda has come looking for war, and Sarina gives it to her.

Amanda’s line in the last panel is an homage to a Commodore 64 game called “Impossible Mission” that I had when I was a kid.  It featured actual digitized speech, which was mind-blowing for the era, and one of the things the villain’s voice would sometimes say when you entered a room was “Destroy him, my robots!”

Impossible Mission

Page 63

The Sentinels fight it out, shooting concentrated energy beam weapons at each other.  Both sides take damage, but the renegade Sentinels retreat behind the doors of the renegade base.

Page 64

Amanda’s Sentinels keep shooting.  Amanda is even more pissed off that her easy targets have gone.

Page 65

Amanda sees that something is wrong.  The renegade base isn’t sustaining damage like it should.  Amanda analyzes the situation, and we see her robovision.  She figures out that there is some kind of force field around the renegade base.  Her weapons are useless.

Page 66

Amanda knows that she has to come up with another plan.  Back in Santa Monica, Ashley is at the wheel with Sarah at her side and some fembots in the back of the van.

Page 67

She’s just about to make her getaway when Mandy and Vianka make another appearance.  They’ve been programmed to capture this renegade agent.  Vianka orders Ashley to stop.

Page 68

While Ashley is trying to evade them, Vianka and Mandy skate around the van, making threats.  They have weapons that will make Ashley malfunction as soon as they’re fired, and they know she has no way out now.

Page 69

Vianka and Mandy ready their guns and fire them at the van.

Page 70

The malfunction ray weapons do their thing, and inside the van, Sarah and Ashley crash and malfunction.  The van comes to a halt.

Page 71

But Vianka and Mandy have miscalculated the strength of the shots needed.  Mandy’s malfunction ray has reached Vianka, causing her to malfunction and lose her balance.  She falls off her skateboard and tumbles to the ground, dislodging her facemask in the process.

Page 72

The shot from Vianka’s weapon has hit Mandy too, and she’s fallen onto the pavement as well, bumping her facemask off too.

Page 73

The metal body of the van had a shielding effect that prevented the Sentinel from malfunctioning, so it emerges and scans the scene.

Page 74

The Sentinel packs Mandy and then Vianka into the van too, along with their facemasks.

Page 75

The Sentinel processes and computes for a moment, then moves to the front and crouches down.

Page 76

She reaches forward and reactivates Ashley.  Ashley gets a status update from the obedient Sentinel, then reactivates the Sarah robot.

Page 77

Sarah turns on just fine and reports that she is ready.  Ashley drives off, now with two extra captured S.A.S.S. agents.

Back in the Arctic, things don’t appear to be going so well for Amanda and her Sentinels.

Page 78

The intense cold is starting to have an effect on Amanda’s systems, and she is starting to malfunction too.  Her Sentinels are also starting to malfunction, and they can be seen sparking in the background.  Sarina comes out wearing only a bikini to tease Amanda.  She orders her Sentinels to destroy Sarina, but it seems her army of fembot warriors is incapable of action.

Page 79

Sarina keeps teasing Amanda while Amanda slips further into malfunction-induced incoherence.

Page 80

Sarina now obviously has the upper hand, and by her actions, Amanda admits defeat.  She takes Sarina’s hand and surrenders.  She walks with the renegade agent into the renegade base.

Page 81

Sarina orders her Sentinels to collect the ones outside the walls, and they pile them up in heaps.

Page 82

The next day, Ashley returns with her captured robots.  They are all in robot mode, and they follow her out of the plane.

Page 83

Ashley lets herself into the base and announces her presence.

Page 84

She tells Sarina what she’s captured, and Sarina gives her a warm welcome back.

Page 85

Ashley is justifiably proud of her accomplishments as her and Sarina share an embrace.

Page 86

She orders her captured robots to remove their facemasks so that she can better show off the technology she’s returned with.

Page 87

Ashley describes the robots to Sarina one by one.  She starts with Sarah, then moves on to Natasha and Isobel.

Page 88

Ending with Mandy and Vianka.  She also mentions that getting what they need from the Robot Control girls will be easier than they thought it would be.

Page 89

Sarina congratulates Ashley and orders her captured robots to go for maintenance.  She then tells Ashley that she’s captured a prize of her own.

Page 90

As the fembots strut away, Sarina shows Ashley that she’s captured Amanda – the only remaining G type android that S.A.S.S. had.

Page 91

And since Sarina sabotaged S.A.S.S.’s computer systems before she left, they can’t make any more without her.  Sarina invites Ashley to go and work on the robots she captured, followed by an orgy.

Page 92 to 94

These pages show the best of what AB Lust can do.  Three amazing pages of shemale and female robot sex, featuring all of the beautiful androids of S.A.S.S. Renegades in various positions having fun with each other.  The white and the black Sentinels stand in the background keeping guard over the whole affair.  I love these three pages.

And that’s it from the world of S.A.S.S. for now.  I hope that some time in the future, I can continue commissioning comics in this world of shemale robots.  In the meantime, it’s always a pleasure to look into the world of S.A.S.S. Renegades.