Art to life

I’m still thrilled with the way my second comic, “Sexdroids in Space” turned out.  I pronounce it to be the most awesome thing ever in the history of everything.


And to show just what a great job the artist and the colourist did at rendering the characters, I now present the models on which they are based!


Based on Sarah AKA Poison Girl, the (retired) phone sex operator from NiteFlirt.  Sarah has my eternal gratitude for letting me use her image as the main character.

Based on a model named Brea Lynn.  Check her out at Bad Girls Blog.

Based on Katy Perry.  Or, Zooey Deschanel because they look quite similar.  Perhaps they’re from the same production line?

Based on the lovely Rosie from NiteFlirt.  Eternal thanks and gratitude to Rosie for letting me use her image as well.  She’s the nicest looking converted stewardess robot I’ve ever seen.

Based on a lovely Greek model named Melli that I found on Kind Girls.  Check out her galleries:
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Based on a stunning black-haired model named Anita Blond that I saw on Bad Girls Blog.

Based on Alison Angel, who has been the subject of manipulated images in the ASFR community before.

Based on a model named Codi Milo that I saw on Bad Girls Blog.  She looks like she’d be trouble… the fun kind of trouble.

Based on a model named Jessica Jey that I saw on Bad Girls Blog.

And here are all the characters for comparison.  Remember to click each image to see a higher resolution version.