In Praise of Chef Boyardee

Yes, my slop is being nuked in the microwave as we speak!  IT was either that or Wendy’s.  Not healthy, but flavourful.  I’m getting plenty of “exercise” at work lately.  So I guess I can claim that I’m burning off the fat pretty fast.

So on to things that aren’t high-sodium, high-fat, low-nutrient meals.  Well actually continuing along those exact lines.  I have found (again) a brand of beef jerky that doesn’t give me headaches!  Hooray for me!  Go Robotman!

And on to my new printer.  I got it.  It’s next to me.  Damned if I have time to plug it in and install the software for it on my Windows partition.  This one comes with wi-fi, so I’ll see about setting that up instead of USB.  My last printer, the one I threw across a room, came with wi-fi too but I never bothered to set it up.

We shall see how that goes.  Hopefully I have the necessary packages for Linux on my computers.  If not… I guess I need to get me another USB cable.  Those douchebags at HP didn’t pack a USB cable in with the printer.  Bastards.

And how bout this!

I’m pretty sure this chick is an android.  She looks WAY too perfect to be a human.  Giggity.

Well, it appears the good Chef is done preparing my meal!  Ahoy!  Zoy!  Rgar!