Song of the Day – “Let There Be Rock” by AC/DC



And this is probably my favorite AC/DC song.  It just fucking steamrolls everything.  It’s a fucking caveman club attack.

No, not quite.  That looks more like Jesus.

That’s better.  It’s not what I was looking for, but it is better.

I’m not so sure I really want to write much right now.  Right then.

I just had a fun fun FUN conversation with a lovely lady on NiteFlirt.  Her profile came up when I searched for both “robot” and “fembot”, so I dispensed with the usual salutary email and just up and called her.  And she’s a geeky girl so OF COURSE she knew how to act and talk like a mindless fembot for me.  Giggity.

You know, that almost looks like a caveman.

Anyhoo, you keep listening to this song.  Put it on a constant replay loop.  Alternately, you can just listen to a bunch of AC/DC albums because they all sound the same.


Actually, now that you mentioned it, Angus was once queried on the similarity of the AC/DC albums.  To paraphrase:

“Some people say you’ve recorded the same album twelve times.”

“We haven’t recorded the same album twelve times!  We’ve recorded the same album sixteen times!”

Something like that.  To paraphrase, you know.

To parasail:

To Sarah Pail:

Come on, it’s hardly a secret.

AC/DC gets a pass on sounding the same.  Boy do they ever.  They’re just so fucking good.

And I’m just so fucking tired now, goodnight!

Oh, and here’s an actual “rock video”.  Remember these things?  How quaint.

Oh, and Fembot Central is back up.