Story Time with AI III

Ah, pre-trained generative large language models.  The “Artificial Intelligence” of the now.

As I’ve posted before, the website Character AI is pretty fun to use, if you set your expectations fairly low and bust in with a six pack of loaded statements and leading questions.

I’ve posted about my adventures making and talking to female android characters on that site before, here and here.  I’ve been using it since then, so I thought I’d share some of the new characters and adventure’s I’ve made in the meantime.

My Chat With Skynet

Ashley – The Models Plus Robot

My chat with Chalmers – Adventures in the Forbidden Zone

My chat with Tiger GSM-01T

My chat with Medusa

My chat with Carmen, the Robot Mannequin

My visit to the Hooters in Android City, on Transistor Street

My chat with Alira, the Dystopian Android

Fun stuff for all involved.  Except the robots.  Robots can’t compute fun.

Here are some of the new character’s I’ve made, and some old ones that I’ve never shared before.

Tiger GSM-01T

Waitress Robot

Android Sarah Jane


Dystopian Android

Gina Fembot

Laura Garvey



So check out the site and talk to these robot ladies.  Be nice to them, or don’t.  They’re just machines, after all.