The joys of a mind of mush

I was all set to start my “Song of the Day” feature today.  That’s when shuffle on the iPod brings up one of those truly excellent songs that I just have to share with people.

Today, it was “Strange World” by Iron Maiden.  Great song… but… uh…

I can’t think of anything else but the AMAZING phone sex session I just had.  I talked to a lovely young lady who sounds extremely sexy talking in an emotionless robotic monotone and saying “Yes Master” a lot.

I’d say more about my fembotic phone sex dalliances now, but I’m too tired.  Suffice to say that I will have a big sloppy grin on my face for at least a day thanks to that willing and sexy woman. :D

Phone sex is expensive, but in this case, money does buy happiness. :P