Fembot Manips – July 2020

It’s Summer!  Hooray!  Summer where I live usually lasts about a month if I’m lucky, so I’ll enjoy it while I can.  And seeing as how it didn’t really happen last year, I’ll enjoy it twice as much.

So to celebrate the warmer-than-room-temperature days, here’s another batch of pictures that I’ve crudely changed to make the subjects they depict look like robots.  The muscle girls and feet manips are for my friend Kishin, again.

And here’s a bonus video to enjoy!  This came about because of a discussion I was having with Kishin and Keizo about that scene in Futureworld, where the horny guest wants to fuck the hot blonde robot in the blue blazer, but she shoots him down because she’s a 500, and she’s not programmed for sex.  Well, I’ve always thought that robots are versatile and reprogrammable, so anything is possible in the name of good customer service!

I’m a 500